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The StashLight

Two-in-one joint storage and refillable lighter.

How it works

Pull 'lighter unit' out of 'lighter housing' by pulling on the metal flint wheel.

Locate cotton ball inside the bottom of the lighter unit. Slowly drip lighter fluid(like Zippo) onto cotton until cotton is saturated (3-5 drops).

Insert 'lighter unit' back into 'lighter housing'Wipe any overflow or spilled fluid up- wait 5 minutes for excess fluid to evaporate.

Flick flint and light your doobie. 

The Path Pipe

The ultimate on-the-go smoking pipe.

How it works

When closed, the smoking pipe cover seals the pipe-containing odor and letting you travel with a packed bowl without spilling any herb.

Slide the Cover open to smoke the bowl, slide the cover closed to extinguish the bowl. The smoke then travels down the filtration path, which cools and filters the smoke before it exits the pipe for a smooth and pleasant draw.

Use the airflow control or pipe carb to customize the smoke volume and to clear the smoke at the end of your hit.

Carbs on smoking pipes can be tricky, when you feel as if your lungs are halfway full, release the carb and clear the path pipe. 

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