How to Make Your Stash More Sustainable

How to Make Your Stash More Sustainable

It’s not a far-reach to assume that most potheads are also plant lovers in some right (if not only this one). Cannabis, like many other essential crops on our planet now, is struggling for space to grow. When done indoors, the plant sucks up nearly twice as much water as maize, soybeans, and wheat. Plus, it requires energy-demanding lighting and climate control. 

While we all wish we could buy exactly the type of weed we like, it’s not always a reality in a pre-legalized world. If you can, buying sun-grown and local weed (even better – growing your own) is a great way to make your supply itself more sustainable. 

For those of us who receive our bud in a Ziploc bag at best, one spot where you can get less wasteful is your stash and smokeware set-up. 

Sustainable Cannabis Accessories

Refillable Lighters

Disposable lighters are delightfully convenient, but an absolute nightmare for the environment. Besides the litany of toxic chemicals including butane, formaldehyde, and sulfuric acid they contain, they become even more unstable when burned – which, unfortunately, much of our trash is. They also threaten local wildlife when birds and fish mistake the object for food, even feeding it to their young. 


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Luckily, there’s an alternative that makes your life even easier (and more stylish) than a disposable option: a refillable lighter. 

While many luxury refillable lighters are made to keep on the coffee table to strike up a conversation more than a joint, the Stashlight is both a doob tube and a refillable lighter in one made to go wherever you do. Also unlike unwieldy table lighters, the Stashlight calls for very little lighter fluid: just a few drops and you’re good to go. 

sustainable lighter

Pieces Over Paper

Another way to stay sustainable is to keep your stash a no-waste space. Though there’s no real environmental benefit to smoking pipes and bongs instead of papers (as long as you’re not littering), they are more efficient: meaning less weed will get you higher – and you don’t need to pick up as often. 

A bong like the Capsule Water Pipe allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck out of your bud. The deep glass body allows you to pull as much smoke as possible from each hit, cooling it down and delivering it directly into your lungs. The Capsule also has replaceable parts, meaning if you break a piece, you won't have to throw away the entire bong. 

If you’re not a bong fan, the Hand Pipe also offers an inner filter chamber with a zigzag design inside to cool smoke and collect tar before it reaches your lips. 

sustainable bong

Stay Fresh

Another way to ensure your stash is sustainable is to keep it as fresh as possible. As weed goes stale, the super-potent pistils and trichomes start to dry out and flake off, leaving you with bud that won’t hit how it should. 

The airtight seal on the Stash Jar is the perfect way to keep your goods preserved while still showing them off in style – we strive to never lead from a place of cannabis shame.

Roll (and Fill) with Caution

We all know that the carpet and couch cracks are tied for second as the biggest weed consumers in the house (besides you, of course). While you may brush off each spill as just a bit, it can quickly start to really drain your supply. 

Regular rolling trays are a dime-a-dozen, but the Rolling Tray & Storage Station is a cut above the rest – literally. The carved outposts in the corners of the tray fit a regular lighter; a bowl rest (or Stashlight); a corner notch for easy cleanup; and two spots for fillable cones, pre-rolls, or pokers. Even better, the premium walnut material looks great and is 100% food-grade.