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Path Pipe

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A durable and discreet hand pipe ready to join you on your next adventure. With a filter chamber to cool smoke and trap tar combined with an aircraft grade design to survive all the elements, the Path Pipe is the gold standard for portable pipes. (Backed by our lifetime warranty)

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The Ultimate Portable Pipe

It's easy to carry, a pleasure to use, and durable enough to survive the journey.

The integrated filter chamber cools the smoke and traps tar, providing a smooth and clean smoking experience.

The sliding cover lets you pack the bowl, and bring it securely on-the-go. When closed, the cover seals the bowl and smoke chamber, containing odors within the pipe.

A built-in poker ensures you're always ready to clear clogged bowls or a dirty chamber.

Machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum for a lifetime of use.

Product Details

The Path Pipe is slim and portable in size, and made with a durable aluminum construction.


Dimensions: 5" x 1.2" x 0.6"

Weight: 3 Oz.

Color Options:

Black, Silver

How to Use

When closed, the smoking pipe cover seals the pipe- containing odor and letting you travel with a packed bowl without spilling any herb.

Slide the Cover open to smoke the bowl, slide the cover closed to extinguish the bowl. The smoke then travels down the filtration path, which cools and filters the smoke before it exits the pipe for a smooth and pleasant draw.

Use the airflow control/carb hole  to modify the smoke volume. Lift finger off carb to clear the smoke at the end of your hit.

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The Path Pipe is slim and portable in size made with a durable aluminum construction and face that encloses odors within.


Dimensions: 5"  x 1.2" x 0.6"
Weight: 3 Oz.

Color Options:

Black, Silver

hand pipe for weed

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