High Quality Bong Materials

bong materials

The material of your piece makes a massive difference in the quality of your hit. While we all know the basics about common offerings like silicone and glass, there are many hidden qualities that work in tandem to produce the most highly designed product you can find. 

Capsule Water Pipe

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Living in a Material World, The Best Bong Materials

Boroscillate Glass

The most common material for cannaccessories is, obviously, glass; from decorative elephant bowls to the classic beaker bong, head shops’ fragile shelves are filled to the brim with it. Not all glass, though, is created equal. 

Boroscillate glass is an extra-sturdy variety known for being more resistant to thermal shock than common glass. This is especially important in a water pipe, which we often fill with ice-cold water before heating it with fire. Boroscillate glass is also physically stronger than standard, meaning it’s much more protected from accidental drops, poor packing, or getting knocked off the table by your cat. 

best bong materials glass

Anodized Aluminum

One of the most unique parts of the Capsule Water Pipe is its anodized aluminum lid – a fully magnetic, high-heat-resistant metal most often used in cookware. Anodization is the process of coating aluminum with a protective oxide layer, in this case, to protect your piece from corrosion and wear. 

The magnetization comes into play to keep your lighter as close as possible: never let your butter fingers betray you again as you attach it upside down right where you need it the most. 

aluminum bong materials

Stainless Steel

While most downstems are made of thin, easy-to-snap glass, stainless steel prevails as a much sturdier option – both in terms of breakability and heat resistance. 

Its opacity also keeps your piece much cleaner, resisting nasty residue from clinging and clogging. Best of all, it’s just as easy to clean with a quick swirl of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. 

best bong materials steel


Scootch-proof and available in plenty of colors to suit your style, silicone makes for a great base. When you put glass directly on a smooth surface like wood, you risk your piece sliding around or even making a water ring on your coffee table. Better yet, the rubbery material provides even further heat resistance for the mouthpiece – ensuring your hit is never too hot (or worse: covered in resin). 

silicone bong materials

The Capsule Water Pipe silicone boot also removes to cover the top while cleaning or traveling, letting you shake or pack it to your heart’s desire without worrying about spillage. 

Aesthetically, silicone also offers a basic glass piece a bit of an art deco twist – try a bold pop of color to build your own museum-worthy piece.