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The 5 Best Hand Pipes For Cannabis in 2021

Discreet Pipe

When you want to smoke on the go, you need something portable, reliable, and of course, something that hits good. Hand pipes are the go-to choice for the cannabis consumer who needs a portable smoking piece.

Unlike a bong or bubbler, a hand pipe does not filter the smoke through water. Also called a 'dry pipe', a good hand pipe needs to utilize different means to cool and/or filter the smoke- because nobody likes a harsh hit. Here are 5 choices that will leave you 'high and dry' - and in this context, that's a good thing.

Here we go -


1. Smoke Honest - The Path Pipe - $74.99

Smoke Honest Path Hand Pipe

California is known for it's high tech, and it's high culture. The Path Pipe is a combination of both, and is a great discreet pipe for those on the go. This thing is made from solid aluminum, and is virtually indestructible. The majority of the build is taken up by the massive cooling path inside of the pipe which cools and filters your smoke, easily making this the smoothest hitting pipe of it's size. The sliding cover lets you bring a pre-packed bowl on the go, and helps keep odors inside the device. There is also a hidden poker built in so you will never have an issue with clogged bowls. This pipe is the ultimate genius pipe alternative. The sleek and stealth design is iPhone-esque, and just like your smartphone, it fits great in your front pocket.

PROS: Ultra smooth hits, sleek modern design, will never break, built in poker, opens up for easy cleaning.

CONS: Higher priced, bowl is on the smaller size

2. Grav Labs - Doughnut Spoon - $14.99

Grav Labs Glass Spoon Pipe

Everyone has used a classic glass spoon pipe at one time or another. This tried and true design uses a hollow glass tube to give the smoke a moment to condense and cool before you inhale. A generous sized bowl and a thumb operated carb make this a versatile design good for any user. Grav offers cool colors, and adds a unique pendant loop to the old classic.

PROS: Inexpensive, easy to use, cool colors for your viewing pleasure.

CONS: Fragile glass build, clogs easily, needs a case for travel, difficult to clean when not at home


3. 7 Pipe - Twisty Glass Blunt - $44.99

7 Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

This cool new invention from 7 pipe is a great on-the-go device. You can load up a ton of dry herb, and hit the road. The awesome twisting design lets you take a hit, then twist the pipe to ash the end. This pushes new green to the front for your next hit. A fun pipe to use in groups, since it holds a ton of herb. The first hit always tastes great, but since the smoke is pulled through all the fresh herb, later hits will degrade in quality and take on a worse flavor.

PROS: Holds a ton of herb, compact design, comes with rubber cap for travel, fun to use

CONS: Fragile glass tube, Hits good once but gets worse with each puff, Round design can roll off the table

4. Marley Natural- Smoked Glass Steamroller - $54

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Steamroller Pipe

A beautiful glass pipe from Marley Natural with a smooth and strong steamroller hit. The steamroller design really lets you 'milk' the bowl, allowing extra control over the potency of your hit. If you like thick and heavy hits, this pipe packs a great punch for it's size. A handsome smoked glass design  with neat little built-in legs to keep it from rolling around when you set it down. This pipe goes great on the go, or at the coffee table.

PROS: Heavy hitter, good smoke control, easier to clean than fully closed glass pipes, thicker build than some glass pipes

CONS: Can still break, needs a case for travel, higher priced for a glass hand pipe

up for easy cleaning. 

5. Proto Pipes - Proto Pipe Classic - $89.95

Proto Pipes Classic Hand Pipe

A classic design with a cool look and a lot of function. This brass hand pipe has been around since 1968. That means people were literally smoking these things at Woodstock in the summer of '69- that's cool.  The pipe has a storage tube for extra herb, and even includes a poker. The hit is nothing special, and the design is a little out-dated by now, but the nostalgia factor is there. Unfortunately, the screen is easily clogged and often needs replaced, but your classic Corvette needs some extra TLC too, and you still hang on to that thing.

PROS: Very cool all-brass design, holds extra herb for longer outings or to share, built in poker tool, Jimi Hendrix probably smoked one of these!

CONS: Highest price, clogs easily, difficult to clean, screen needs replaced periodically


Path Pipe

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