How To Fix A Broken Bong: Save The Smoke Sesh With These Tips!

How To Fix A Broken Bong: Save The Smoke Sesh With These Tips!

Glass bongs are a great way to smoke cannabis, but when you go with a cheaper water pipe the glass can be weak. This results in every stoner's worst nightmare: a broken bong. There's nothing worse than a smoke sesh ending before it even had the chance to start. But, it's something every bong owner experiences at one point or another. And if you're here reading this article, you are probably in the midst of your own personal smoking crisis at this moment. If you're lucky, it's just the downstem or bowl that breaks - and not the base of the bong itself. Otherwise, you'll likely be stuck replacing the bong entirely.

This leads many to ask the question - can you fix a broken bong? And if so, how do you do it? In an effort to help you save the session and get back to toking, we're going to answer these two questions and many others you may have. Before we can teach you how to fix a broken glass bong, we need to talk about the different manners in which a bong can break. Attempting to fix a broken down stem is much different than trying to fix a broken bong base. But don't stress - no matter what aspect of your bong is broken, we'll provide advice on what your next steps should be. So, let's get into the first topic on today's agenda - the most common causes of a broken bong.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of A Broken Bong?

There are a few different ways that bongs can break. The most common is probably dropping it and having it shatter into pieces. We've all been there - you're enjoying a nice toke and things get a little hazy. Suddenly, your grip loosens and the bong slips out of your hands, crashing onto the ground below. If you're lucky, it's just the bowl or downstem that shatters. But sometimes - especially with cheaper bongs made of thinner glass - the entire bong will shatter into pieces.

This can also happen as a result of you bumping into something hard with the bong while you're walking. We've personally broken a bong in the sink while trying to clean the piece. Won't make that mistake again!

And while seeing the glass shards scattered across the floor is the most devastating, dramatic manner in which a bong can break - it isn't the only outcome you may experience. Other ways it can break include cracked bases and stems, as well as chipped or broken mouthpieces. Cracks usually occur when too much pressure is applied to one area of the bong - such as when somebody sits on it (yeah...we've experienced that one too!). If the bong is made of thinner glass, it's more likely to crack under pressure than a bong made of thicker, higher-quality glass. That's why buying the best bong or best marijuana pipe is so important - they're typically thicker and stronger, preventing premature glass death.

Mouthpieces can also chip or break if they're made of thinner glass. This usually happens when taking a hit that's too big - and results in the mouthpiece shattering upon contact with your teeth. Ouch!

Regardless of the manner in which your bong is broken, you likely are here for one reason: to learn how to fix a broken glass bong. Not so fast - first, we have to discover whether or not your specific "damage" is repairable. Let's discuss...

Can You Fix A Broken Bong?

Now that we've talked about how bongs can break, you're probably wondering whether or not you can fix a broken bong. And unfortunately, the answer isn't always black and white. It depends on the severity of the damage, as well as what part of the bong is broken.

For example, if your question is how to fix a broken bong base, it's likely beyond repair and you'll have to replace it. However, if your downstem or bowl is broken, you may be able to find a replacement piece that fits your bong. You can also try using superglue to fix a small crack in the base - but we only recommend this as a last resort since it isn't always effective and may make the problem worse.

The same goes for a chipped or broken mouthpiece. If the damage is severe enough, you'll likely have to replace the entire mouthpiece. But if it's just a small chip, you can try using superglue to fix it. And as long as your lip or mouth region isn't in direct danger of being cut by the crack or chip, you can still use the bong. Sure, you'll eventually want to replace it because a cracked/chip bong is ugly...but for the time being, you can get by.

How To Fix A Broken Bong: Tips For Fixing The Base, Downstem, Bowl, & Mouthpiece

It's the moment you've been waiting for - we're going to teach you how to fix a broken glass bong. Whether you came here seeking advice on how to fix a broken bong base, how to fix a broken bong downstem, or even the mouthpiece.

How To Fix A Broken Bong Base

Let's start with how to fix a broken bong base. This section will be short and sweet, as the best advice we can offer is find a replacement ASAP! However, if you have just a small crack leaking water, you can still use it in the meantime. Just fill the bong up over the sink and try your best not to make a mess as water spills.

You'll also need to baby the bong in the meantime - don't do anything that could make the crack worse. For example, if the crack is on the very bottom, use the bare minimum water necessary. And if the crack is on one side of the base, tilt the bong the opposite direction to lower the pressure on the compromised area.

Now, we have seen some pretty unique ideas for actually fixing a cracked bong base. Some people claim you can fix a bong using a torch , others say to use superglue. We've even seen somebody try to fix a bong with duct tape (hilarious - but not at all effective). So, what's the verdict? Can you actually fix a broken bong base using one of these methods?

The answer is...maybe. If you're lucky, you could theoretically fix a bong base using a torch - but this is extremely difficult to do and we don't recommend it for beginners. The same goes for superglue - it might work if the crack is small enough. But if it's a big crack, the glue will likely just make things worse by gumming up the works. Duct tape? Please don't even bother - it won't do anything except give you a good laugh (or frustration). You can try these methods at your own risk.

So, what's the best way to fix a broken bong base? Our suggestion is simply replacing it with a new one! It'll be much easier in the long run and you won't have to worry about water leaking or making the problem worse.

How To Fix A Broken Bong Downstem

The next question we're going to answer is how to fix a broken bong downstem. This one is a little bit more complicated than the base, but still relatively easy compared to some of the other repairs on this list.

First, you'll need to assess the damage. If the downstem is just cracked, you can try using superglue or even epoxy to repair it. If the downstem is completely broken, you'll need to replace it. This is a pretty easy fix, as you can simply buy a new downstem that fits the size of your bong. Just make sure that you get one with the same joint size - otherwise it won't fit!

Now, we do want to advise you that you can use a bong without the downstem all the way in the water. If you're looking to still get your daily rips in while you seek a replacement downstem, just work with whatever is left of your downstem. The only thing you'll lack is filtration - which is sort of the whole point of using a bong, but hey, gotta work with what you got!

How To Fix A Broken Bong Bowl

The bowl is perhaps the easiest piece to replace if it's broken. However, if it's just cracked you might be able to repair it using superglue or epoxy. This sort of depends on where the bowl is broken, though. You don't want to put glue in the same part of the bowl you put your weed. You'd end up ingesting the chemicals anytime you light a bowl. And while we love those glue weed strains (shout out to GG #4), you don't want to smoke actual superglue.

Again, make sure that the glue doesn't come into contact with any part of the bowl that will touch your lips. If you find that the bowl is beyond repair, you can find a replacement online or at your local headshop. Just make sure to get one that fits the joint size of your bong!

How To Fix A Broken Bong Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is one of the only manners in which a bong can break and still be useable. However, that doesn't mean you don't want to try and fix the issue to make the water pipe a bit nicer to look at. if it's just cracked you might be able to repair it using superglue or epoxy. Once again, make sure that the glue doesn't come into contact with any part of the mouthpiece that will touch your lips.

While you can still use a bong with a broken mouthpiece, it's important to be sure you aren't putting your mouth on sharp glass edges - this could result in serious injury.

What To Do If You're Unable To Fix Your Broken Glass Bong

We've walked you through how to fix a broken glass bong - but maybe you were unable to remedy the issue using our advice. You discovered that your glass is beyond repair - we're so sorry for your loss. But we do have some good news in this unfortunate situation - you can upgrade to something new, fun, and exciting today!

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FInal Thoughts On How To Fix A Broken Glass Bong

Well, there you have it - everything you need to know about how to fix a broken glass bong. Whether your base, downstem, bowl, or mouthpiece is broken, we've provided your next steps. At this point, there is just one thing left to do - get to work, or get to shopping for that new bong! Or, check out our smoking pipe - this thing is your new best friend for on-the-go sessions, fitting in your pocket and allowing for the most discreet sesh possible.

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