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Bong vs Pipe

There are many differences between these two weed gadgets. They each have their own positives and negatives that attract certain types of pot smokers. The bong and pipe have been around for a long time and they have transformed over the years in a multitude of ways. Pipe smoking dates back centuries to the Native Americans and became commonplace in the 1600’s although most everyone was smoking tobacco and not marijuana. Check out our article on the evolution of smoking pipes for more info. So, how do these two ways of smoking differ and which one is better suited for you?

The Bong

Bongs are typically used by younger, more serious pot smokers. A bong is a smoking device that uses water as the filtration system for the smoke to pass through. Bongs are cylindrical in shape with the bottom sometimes being round to hold the water. As you light the weed and begin to inhale, the smoke passes through the water and up the tube. The water will start to bubble and make a gurgling sound. After inhaling fully you release the bowl piece to finish the bowl. Traditional water bongs are very easy to use and provide a great high.

One of main benefits to a bong vs pipe is that a bong will get you much higher much quicker. Because of the way the smoke percolates through the water and tube it delivers a more potent smoking high. This leads to another benefit of traditional water bongs; they are the most efficient and cost effective way to get high. After only taking one or two rips you will likely be plenty high and not have to smoke anymore. Compared to pipes or joints, smoking out of a bong conserves much more weed. One downside to a bong is that they are quite large compared to a pipe and therefore are tougher to travel with. Be sure to keep this in mind next time you are debating bringing a bong or pipe.

water bong


The Pipe

The pipe is the age old smoking device. Having been around for centuries the pipe has been made into many different forms. The most common pipe nowadays for cannabis consumers is the glass pipe. A glass pipe is simple, small and convenient to smoke out of. With just a bowl, carburetor, and small tube, a smoking pipe has the essential mechanisms you need to get high. A weed pipe offers a simple way to get high. While a pipe will not give you the intense immediate high that a bong will, it will do the job. Glass weed pipes are great because they are small and easy to travel with but they do break easily. The durability is important to consider when comparing a pipe vs bong. 

At Smoke Honest, we started the company based off our displeasure with the current weed pipes on the market. That’s why we created the Path Pipe. It’s a durable, discreet, coughless pipe that was made for the modern smoker. An unbreakable pipe that comes with a lifetime warranty, the Path Pipe was built to last forever. No longer will you have to worry about your pipe shattering when you drop it. 

weed pipe

Bong or Pipe Final Conclusion

There are many factors that go into choosing the proper smoking device for you. Each of these pieces has their benefits and drawbacks that will attract certain types of cannabis consumers. The bong will provide the strongest high for the smallest amount of weed but is large and hard to travel with. The pipe will get the job done every time and is easy to take on the go but does not give you as powerful hits. Overall, both of these smoking devices will surely enhance your cannabis consumption.

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