5 Types of Stoner Tools for the Ultimate Stoner Kit

5 Types of Stoner Tools for the Ultimate Stoner Kit

If you're a stoner, then you know that having the right tools can make all the difference. From doob tubes to weed packer tools, there are a variety of items that can make your smoking experience better. We will break down the five types of stoner tools and their uses. We will also dive into building the ultimate custom stoner kit. 

5 Stoner Tools You Need to Have For Your Stoner Kit

Doob Tubes:

Doob tubes are perfect for storing your joints. They keep your joints fresh and protected from the elements. There are even some waterproof doob tubes if you're going to be on the lake or ocean. This doob tube comes built in with a refillable lighter as well. You can find doob tubes online or in your local smoke shop.

Weed Packers / Bowl Packing Tool:

Weed packers are essential for packing bowls of weed and can help with rolling joints as well. They help you to get a nice, even burn. After rolling your joint press the tool into the top to compress the weed so your joint doesn't burn lopsided. Bowl packing tools help you pack your bowl to ensure you're able to smoke the full bowl.

Rolling Papers:

Rolling papers are necessary for rolling joints. There are a variety of papers available, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. You can find rolling papers at most smoke shops or online. Typically rice paper or hemp paper are the best material for rolling papers and the healthiest to smoke.

Stoner Ashtray:

A stoner ashtray is a great way to keep your smoking area clean. They come in a variety of styles and can be found at most smoke shops or at online smoke shops. You might even want an ashtray with lid to help keep the smell concealed. Make sure to get an ashtray that's cleanable, plastic ashtrays get disgusting very fast due to the resin and ash buildup. Glass ashtrays are typically the easiest to clean. You can also find dishwasher safe glass ashtrays.

Stoner Grinder:

A stoner grinder is a must-have for any stoner. It helps you to grind your weed evenly, so you get a perfect smoke every time. Picking your weed with your fingers can be done, but it also is time consuming. If you're rolling a joint you really need a grinder to help get you an even finish herb so that your joint is rolled smoothly.

Building the Ultimate Weed Kit

Now that you know the different types of stoner tools, it's time to build your own ultimate weed kit. There are tons of brands that sell stoner tools so just ensure you are supporting one that is creating cool products. The great thing about the cannabis community is people love supporting local and American brands.

It's important to the cannabis space to support small businesses so large corporations are unable to destroy the cannabis space. 

Custom Weed Kits

The ultimate weed kit is totally customizable. Custom weed kits are a fun way to differentiate yourself from other stoners. Everyone has their own favorite way of smoking weed. Some people prefer rolling joints while others like smoking bowls. Every person's weed kit should have a slight resemblance of their style.

Joint smokers might want to consider adding in a joint roller. This is a stoner tool that will help you roll your joints perfectly every time. If you don't know how to roll a joint, then this stoner tool is an absolute must-have. Learning how to roll a joint can be tricky and it's easy to make mistakes when you're first starting out. A joint roller will take all the guesswork out of rolling a joint.

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Bowl smokers should consider adding in different types of pipes and bongs. These stoner tools will allow you to smoke your weed in different ways. You might want a pipe for smoking on the go and a bong for smoking at home. Bongs come in all different shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits your needs.

No matter what type of stoner tools you choose to add to your kit, make sure they are high quality. High-quality stoner tools will last you a long time and make your smoking experience that much better. With high-quality stoner tools, you'll be able to enjoy your smoking experience for years to come.

Stoner Travel Kits

The stoner life isn’t just about sitting on the couch and getting high. Sometimes you want to leave the house and go on an adventure. When that happens, you need to be prepared with a stoner travel kit.

A stoner travel kit should include all of the essentials for a safe and enjoyable smoking experience. This includes things like rolling papers, cool lighters, stealth pipes, portable bongs, and more.

The great thing about stoner travel kits is they are small and easy to transport. This means you can take your kit with you wherever you go. Whether you’re going on a road trip or flying across the country, a stoner travel kit will make sure you’re never without your favorite smoking supplies. Make sure to clean all your stoner accessories before traveling.

When choosing what to put in your stoner travel kit, be sure to consider both function and form. You want items that will be useful but also look good. After all, first impressions matter and you never know who you’ll meet while on your travels.

Stoner Station

For the ultimate stoner setup, invest in a stoner station. A stoner station is a great way to keep all of your stoner tools organized in one place. This way, you’ll always know where your things are and you won’t have to go digging through drawers and cabinets looking for them. It's important that your stoner station can be used to roll up a joint too. This helps you keep your area clean so that all the herb is contained in one place.

Stoner stations come in all different shapes and sizes. You can find ones that are small enough to fit on a shelf or larger ones that can be stored in a closet. No matter what size you choose, a stoner station is a great way to keep your smoking supplies organized.

Stoner Travel Tips

Now that you know what to pack in your stoner travel kit, it’s time to learn some tips for traveling while stoned. First and foremost, always be aware of your surroundings. It’s important to know where you are and what’s going on around you.

Next, make sure to stay hydrated. Drinking water will help to prevent Cotton Mouth and will also keep you from getting too stoned. Finally, take it easy. Don’t try to do too much while you’re away. Just relax and enjoy your time off from the everyday grind.