Rolling Trays: Everything You Need Yo Know

what is a rolling tray

What you roll is what you inhale. It is one of the reasons many of us research herb extensively before buying. But it isn't just the herb you use that matters. What touches your lips is the outside of the paper. What it touched is now what you've kissed. But some of our favorite flat surfaces are dirtier than a toilet. Thus, show your lips and roll some respect and hygiene by using a rolling tray. Your area will stay much cleaner and organized with a rolling tray!


Rolling your own serves many purposes. When most people begin, their rolls are uneven and lumpy. But, with practice, they can become a work of art. It is a soothing process. It's economical and provides control. It can be a shared activity, one of trust and friendship, which is why where you roll matters. 

What Is A Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays have been used since the 70s. It is a flat surface with a lip to grind and roll your herbs. They often come with compartments to keep supplies organized, such as a lighter, a finished roll, rolling paper, and loose product. In addition, most wooden rolling trays have a flat corner to allow easy funneling of excess herbs, so none goes to waste.  

Wooden rolling trays provide an all-natural flat surface with a food-safe finish to grind and roll your herbs. They contain the product, eliminating waste. In addition, they provide a designated station to keep your gear and ensure items are not lost or come in contact with unhygienic surfaces. 

They are sold in a variety of materials, including:

  • Acrylic
  • Bamboo
  • Glass
  • Marble
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood

Rolling Tray

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What Are The Benefits Of Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays offer many benefits to those who appreciate the art of creating custom-made joints. On the face of it, they look like a cross between a kitchen chopping board and a charcuterie platter. However, they are superior to other popular rolling surfaces such as a butcher's block, plate, magazine, coffee table, and laptop. 

Rolling Trays Provide A Hygienic Surface

Rolling trays provide a designated hygienic surface to prepare your herbs. Recent world events have brought our attention to the dangers of pathogens. But as people lather up in hand sanitizer and install air filters, the filth of everyday objects is overlooked, as Mythbusters famously pointed out nearly a decade ago. 

For example, a popular rolling surface is the top of a laptop. However, it is estimated that a keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than the seat of a toilet. Those same fingers tip-tapping away are the same ones opening and shutting a laptop. 

Given how few people wash their hands before touching a magazine or book, they face the same challenges as using a laptop. As to coffee tables, people are constantly putting their feet up on them. 

Rolling Trays Are Smooth, With No Knife Marks, Grooves, Or Scuffs

Rolling trays are smooth, allowing the paper to glide and avoiding rips or tears. Nor do they have knife marks or grooves where herbs or dirt can collect, like many butcher's blocks and cutting boards obtain. 

Wooden Rolling Trays Keep You Organized

Wooden rolling trays have compartments to keep your supplies organized. They hold papers, lighter, herbs, and rolled joints as you work. When not in use, you can use it to hold the rest of your equipment, such as the grinder and jar of product.  

Wooden Rolling Trays Have Lifted Edges

Rolling trays have a lifted edge that is curved to catch and hold as you make a joint. The curve should be more pronounced than your average plate to ensure product doesn't escape onto the floor or other unsanitary surfaces (also, what a waste). But a good tray shouldn't have a hard, box-like, angled edge, as these leave grooves and cracks that collect dirt and herbs. 

Rolling Trays Save Their Owners Money

Rolling trays will save you money in the long run. They catch all the crumbs and wastage, making it easy to funnel it back into a jar. They also reduce the amount of droppage on the floor and other unsanitary surfaces. In addition, because they hold your stuff, you're less likely to lose rolling papers. 

Wooden Rolling Trays Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Wooden rolling trays have a beautiful, natural aesthetic. Ours are made from walnut, which has beautiful grains of dark browns and golds. Birch and cheery are two other popular and eye-catching kinds of wood used. 

wooden rolling tray

Does Size Matter In A Rolling Tray?

The size of a rolling tray influences how it is used. A small tray is easily transportable, making it useful when on the go. However, it provides less worksurface and only allows one person to use it at a time. 

Larger rolling trays are easier to use. There is more surface to spread out your gear and work, which helps achieve a smooth, even roll. It is also a more friendly size to have around when you are relaxing with more than just yourself. 

What Materials Should I Avoid In A Rolling Tray?

You should avoid buying a rolling tray made from products you don't want touching your lips. For instance, some people have concerns over the plastic residues that can get inside the body. It has been an increasingly growing concern, especially after scientists identified microplastics inside human blood

When it comes to wooden rolling trays, it is essential to pay attention to varnishes. We ensure all our trays are finished with natural plant oils and beeswax that are 100% food safe. However, many places don't, turning a natural product into something that could be toxic. As we said above: what you roll is what you inhale. 

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How To Use A Rolling Tray?

Rolling trays are straightforward to use, unlike some smoking accessories. 

  1. Ensure your tray is clean
  2. Get organized, making sure you have all the pieces of your kit ready
  3. If you need to do some grinding, get to work
  4. Once you have the product ready, you can use the edge of a spatula to move the product to the side of the tray or its compartment
  5. Unroll your paper
  6. Scoop the herbs in
  7. Now roll, using the sides of the tray to keep it smooth, even, and tight
  8. The edges of the tray will ensure any crumbs don't get everywhere 

How To Maintain And Clean A Wooden Rolling Tray

Wooden rolling trays are durable and long-lasting so long as they are appropriately maintained. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes is tossing it in the dishwasher. As handy as these machines are, they can ruin a beautifully crafted wooden rolling tray in only a few cycles. In addition, the chemicals used in dishwasher cleaner are absorbed by the wood and make your joints taste terrible. 

 Instead, cleaning your wooden rolling try is a gentle process:

  1. Use brushes to take off any debris. Try to avoid abrasive bristles
  2. Never soak your wooden rolling tray
  3. Dip a clean cloth into a natural cleanser, such as diluted vinegar
  4. Wipe it down
  5. Go back to the bristles if required
  6. Allow to air dry
  7. Use food-grade oil or all-natural beeswax when polishing is required

Different Types Of Rolling Trays

Rolling trays come in a variety of styles. Some are similar to a groovy 70s TV dinner tray, perfectly flat aside from the functional and helpful curved edge. The ones with compartments range from a clean and streamlined aesthetic, with a few stations, to those that look like a giant bento box. 

As mentioned above, rolling tray materials also come in many materials. We obviously love wood and are not fans of plastic. But other materials bring their own advantages and aesthetics. 

Acrylic Rolling Trays

Acrylic is far better than standard plastic if you need a cheap option. It is durable but still lightweight for those that want a travel tray that isn't going to add on the pounds. It also holds up better to high temperatures, which is important if you've left it in your car.  

However, just like plastic, users need to take care not to scratch it, or it will impair the quality of the roll and attract grit and dirt. 

Bamboo Rolling Trays

Bamboo is a grass, not a tree (resisting the puns). It's a sustainable material, typically affordable, lightweight, and strong. In addition, the plant has natural antibacterial properties. However, like wood, buyers need to keep an eye on how the bamboo was treated and varnished. Not all products that give bamboo its shiny gleam are appropriate for your lips.  

Glass Rolling Trays

Glass rolling trays can make striking pieces in a home. However, they are heavy, so they are not something you're going to slip into a bag to take across town, never mind hopping on a plane. They also tend to be expensive. However, the good ones are thick and will last a lifetime if well cared for and not dropped. 

Marble Rolling Trays

Marble rolling trays are not always marble. Many are acrylic with a marbled effect. In-person, it's easy to tell the difference because the real deal is heavy enough to break your foot if you drop it. When buying online, the big tell is the price. Real marble makes a dent in the bank account. 

Marble has longevity, beauty, and durability. However, the edging on the trays often leaves much to be desired. It's either a sharp box edge that can collect dust and product or the slope's rise is too rounded to help catch and hold the roll, making it nearly useless. 

Metal Rolling Trays

Metal rolling trays are the groovy classic of the 70s where it all started. Find an original in good Knick, and you've got a collector's item. Modern twists on the concept do exist. While others take on a brushed, stainless steel vibe that seems to beg for a tumbler of whisky on the side. 

A small metal rolling tray is a big favorite for those looking for a transportable piece. However, they rarely have compartments, which might not make them the best choice for those that enjoy keeping everything perfectly in its place.  

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy a Rolling Tray?

The legal age to buy a rolling tray depends on your location and local laws. In some places, you may need to be 18 or 21 years old to purchase a rolling tray. It's always a good idea to check your local laws before making a purchase.


Wood rolling trays are a beautiful way to stay organized and keep your herbs and paper clean. After all, what you roll is what you inhale. 


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