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How to Build the Ultimate Rolling Tray Set?

weed rolling set with ashtray and lighter stored on the rolling tray set

If you're a fan of weed, then you know that having a good rolling tray set is essential. After all, what's the point of smoking weed if you don't have the proper supplies to do it? 

If you’re an experienced weed roller but need to upgrade, we have some great tips for your next weed rolling set. Building your rolling set is key to getting the best experience from your cannabis session. 

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Weed rolling can be a relaxing methodical experience that brings you into the right state of mind. For me, I enjoy rolling up at the end of my day. It allows me to recenter and get out of my “work” mode. It enables me to relax and ease my mind off of what I spent my entire day doing, work. 

My cannabis rolling set is a major part of making my experience amazing each time. I used to take my rolling kit for granted, but after experiencing some other peoples kits I know how much a good weed rolling set matters. Everyone has their product or brand preferences but every rolling kit starts with the tray. 

Rolling Tray

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Rolling Tray Set Step 1: Choosing your Rolling Tray

This is your base station, the home for your kit. In our opinion this is the key to your entire weed rolling set. For that reason, we don’t like to go cheap on this. There are plenty of cheap plastic trays with designs on them but they just don’t fit a relaxing experience. For us, wood rolling trays are our favorite. Not only do they look nice, they clean up easily too. Wood rolling trays remain intact and don’t get damaged easily. 

This walnut rolling tray has several important features that make it even better. The first feature is the Lighter slot. This little slot allows your lighter to remain in the tray at all times without sliding into your rolling area. It’s super nice to always know your lighter will be there. We love that you can keep your lighter there without clogging up your rolling room. 

The second feature is your 14mm bowl holder. Packing bowls on your couch or table isn’t always super easy. Load your bowl while it sits tightly on your rolling tray. The tray will also catch any herb that spills out. 

Lastly, joint holders. This all in one rolling tray comes built with a few joint holders so you can roll up in batches. Plenty of people roll a few joints at a time. Joints aren’t always easy to store though. It’s great to have these joint holders so you can keep your joints in good form. 

rolling tray set

Weed Rolling Set Step 2: Grinder

A grinder is a key piece to getting a good roll. Picking your weed with your fingers is great for a bowl but picking enough weed to roll up isn’t always a fun time. Grinders also help get a smooth fine grind so it’s easier to roll your joint. Having large pieces of weed in a joint can disrupt air flow and create an uneven burn. 

Grinders range from super cheap to over $100. Quality can range a ton too. The first grinder I ever bought lasted two weeks and then the sticky resin made it impossible to use it. That cost $10. I suggest something in the $40-$60 range typically for a grinder. Those usually last a long time, are worth the money, and are worth a spot in your weed rolling set. 

Weed Rolling Set Step 3: Ash Tray

Nobody likes ash on their floor, even worse on your rolling tray. Every single cannabis smoker should have an ash tray. Coffee mugs aren't worth ruining when you can get a legit ash tray. 

Ash Trays's come in many different sizes, but most people prefer a small one so it takes up less room and can fit with your set. This ash tray is great because the silicone lid can be used on the bottom so it doesn't slide, or on the top as a lid to prevent the ash from spilling and smelling. Make sure you have an ash tray to complete your weed rolling tray set. 

Weed Rolling Set Step 4: Papers

People who say the paper type or brand doesn’t matter are crazy. A good joint starts with a good paper. Rice and hemp paper are good natural papers to use while rolling. These papers usually leave no paper taste and are less harsh on your lungs. There are plenty of thicker types of rolling paper that are easier to roll with but the result just isn’t the same. 

Some of our favorite paper brands include Raw, Element, and OCB’s. Most rolling papers are produced in Spain. Depending on where you are, not every brand is available. I know OCB is much bigger in the European market than the American market. 

Should I Get a Weed Rolling Set?

As you can see, if you don't have a weed rolling set, you're missing out. A weed rolling set is the perfect way to roll your weed without any mess. They come with a tray, grinder, and roller, making it a convenient home for your smoking sessions. It's as simple as grinding your weed and rolling it up all in one central location! The best part about weed rolling sets is that they're super easy to use and clean. So if you're looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy your weed, be sure to pick up a weed rolling set!

Now You've Got Your Rolling Tray Set

Now that you’ve got some advice for a great rolling set it’s time to roll up. Feel free to message us if you have any questions regarding your joint rolling kit or need any tips. We’re here to help:) 

One key thing you’re missing here after you’ve rolled your joint. The lighter! These cool lighters might blow your mind. 

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