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May 25, 2021

People have been smoking weed for thousands of years. There are many ways to consume cannabis, but these are our favorites:

1. Smoke A Joint

Joints are simple and classic way to enjoy some good weed. For pure flavor and a nice 'in the clouds' vibe, roll up some flower and light up. We love this method because it is enjoyable in and of itself. The act of grinding, rolling, lighting, and smoking a joint are all part of the experience.

Joints are a pleasure to enjoy alone, and can be shared just as easily! Puff, puff, pass - a golden rule that we always follow when exchanging smoke and good times with others.

2. The Hand Pipe

Hand pipes are a traveling stoner's best friend. Easy to bring on-the go to enjoy some cannabis wherever you may find yourself. Pipes are a great way to take one-hit at a time, so we can dose properly for whatever occasion. Your pipe can be tossed in a pocket, in your bag to tag a long to your next destination.

Pipes offer some added cooling, they keep the tar trapped inside, and they are quick and convenient to use.

3. The Bong

This one is for the movie nights, for the Sunday afternoons, or even a wake-and-bake for you early morning types. The bong is the living room classic- the old faithful. It offers clean smooth water-cooled hits, and hits as big or as small as you want them.

For the user who takes his consumption seriously, and wants a clean, easy, ready-to-go good time, the water pipe is hard to beat.


Which one is your favorite? If you haven't tried them all, you're missing out!

We like to enjoy our cannabis in a number of ways - depending on what we are doing, where we are going, or who we are with. So, we created a product line that meets our ever-changing needs:



-Our Hand Pipe- THE PATH PIPE




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