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December 23, 2019

Time for you to learn how to use a joint roller. 

If you’re like many people, rolling a joint by hand can be time consuming and difficult. Rolling a joint by hand has a relaxing effect on many including myself. I certainly enjoy rolling a doobie up as it prepares my mind and body to relax and enjoy the present. I have never quite figured out why it’s so relaxing, it might be cause and effect, with my mind realizing that by rolling a joint I will soon be smoking and feel the pleasant effects of the herb. However, there are many times when people want a joint rolled without having to roll it by hand. For those times, a joint roller is the perfect smoking accessory to use to speed up the process. In this article we are going to cover how to use a joint roller so that your joint turns out better than everyone else’s. We will also go over the three easy steps to roll the perfect joint every time

A joint rolling machine is sold by any head shop or smoke shop and most online head shops also sell it. There are a few other companies that concentrate on joint rolling machines. Depending on the joint roller specific instructions might vary, however the overall steps should remain the same. These are the steps we use to roll the perfect joints using a joint roller. 

Step by Step Instructions on How To Use a Joint Roller. 

1. Collect your Materials

  1. Joint Roller
  2. Grinder
  3. Rolling Papers
  4. Joint Filter
  5. Herb

2. Load the Joint Roller

  1. Open the joint roller by sliding the top over, place a filter on the far side
  2. Grind your herb so it’s fine, this will help the joint to smoke evenly. Nobody wants their joint to only burn on one side. 
  3. Place the finely grounded herb inside the joint roller. Make sure there is not too much, you need space so that the air flows through properly.
  4. Make sure the tip, crutch, or joint filter on the side opposite the herb.
  5. Close the joint roller.

3. Using the Joint Roller

  1. Place the joint rolling machine in front of you and place your fingers on the handles. Spin the handles towards yourself using your thumbs. Make sure to do this slowly and at a constant speed to ensure the joint is rolled evenly. 
  2. Place the raw rolling paper with the sticky side facing up. 
  3. Press down and once again roll towards your body. 
  4. Finally, lick the sticky part and finish rolling. 

Be sure to grab The Stashlight to store your joint until you are ready to smoke it. Nobody wants their hard work to go to waste. Never put your joint or blunt inside your pocket or backpack without it first being protected. The Stashlight enables you to carry your joint anywhere you’d like without having to worry about it bending or falling apart. This is key. Don’t waste your joint. 

When you are ready, break the Stashlight back out and remove the joint from the joint case. Now using the built in lighter, light your joint. Puff puff pass. Enjoy!

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