Cool Ashtrays for Stoners: 10 Unusual & Highly Giftable Designs

ashtray with lid sitting on your coffee table with a joint on it

Simple, practical, humble, ashtrays are the unsung heroes of weed smoking accessories. But they can be more than just something to collect your ash and roaches.

Some are genuinely decorative. Some are fun. Others are highly practical, with features that make a smoker’s life easier.

They make great, affordable gifts too.

In short, there are some very cool ashtrays around once you start looking. 

We’ve already covered portable ashtrays, car ashtrays, even ashtray stands. So this time around, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more unique options.

And where to find them… 

Where to buy cool ashtrays online?

Like practically anything else, you can buy any number of cool ashtrays online at Amazon or ebay. For a smaller but more select range, try online head shops — like Grasscity, Smoke Cartel, SMOKEA, Zamnesia. However, our favorite place to look by far is Etsy.

That might surprise you (it surprised us). But these days Etsy’s full of interesting and unique stoner supplies (and, admittedly, a few butt-ugly ones too!).

Ashtray-wise, you’ll find not just many of the mass-produced ashtrays available all over the internet — but also decorative handmade one-offs, rare vintage pieces, fun, wacky novelty items and genuinely unusual and innovative trays that solve actual problems faced daily by smokers and dabbers.

Speaking of… 

10 Best Cool Ashtrays for Weed: Unique Gifts and Conversation Pieces for the Discerning Stoner

Rather than just choose a bunch of great looking ashtrays, we wanted to make sure there was something here for everyone. Besides being cool, above all, each one we’ve picked out offers something different.

Unique looks, practical features, unusual materials — and at a range of price points. From budget buys to around $150.

Read on and you might well find your new favorite weed accessory… 

Doubles as a weed storage jar: Honest Ash Tray

Simple and classic in appearance, the Smoke Honest Ash Tray takes satisfyingly weighty ½” thick crystal glass and adds a silicone cap that doubles as a non-slip base. Used as a lid, it makes the ashtray the perfect option for on-the-go smoking, protecting the glass in transit and keeping any ash locked safely inside. As a base, it prevents scratching and burn marks on your coffee table, as well as spillages.

This product functions as both an outdoor ashtray and an indoor ash tray. The silicone helps to keep the glass from scratching if outside in a rough environment. The silicone also functions as an ashtray with a lid to prevent stinky ash from smelling up your living room. 

Available in a range of colors, the silicone cap is also opaque and airtight — meaning that when not in use for ashing you can also use your ashtray as a weed storage jar.

man holding an ashtray with lid

Funky and functional: Ooze Bangarang Multipurpose Silicone Ashtray

You’ll find a number of debowler ashtrays on the market. And plenty of silicone ashtrays. But none, we think, that look quite like this one.

With its range of storage slots and holes, though, the Bangarang isn’t just eye-catching. Whether you smoke joints, bowls or dab, it’s super practical for organizing your papers, cones, tools, nails and other supplies. And being made of silicone rubber, it’s safely tappable for emptying glass pieces.

And what makes this one even more practical than some similar models is that the debowler ashtray in the middle is removable for easy emptying and washing.

Plus, y’know, those colors! 

Unbreakable and unmissable: Pulsar Glow-in-the-Dark Tap Tray Ashtray

Made from heat-resistant silicone, the Pulsar Tap Tray is ideal for both joint and pipe smokers. Rather than the usual debowler spike in the middle, however, this one features a rounded dome for removing ash from bowls. The silicone is also soft enough for safely tapping glass pieces, not to mention unbreakable should you drop it and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Oh, and it glows in the dark.

So if you favor low lighting during a session or you’re watching a movie in the dark, you’ll have no problem finding it when it’s needed. If that’s not an issue, though, it’s also available in a range of other non-luminous colors.

For the graffiti lover: K.Haring Circle Catchall Ashtray

If you love street art, or know someone else who does, take a look at the Keith Haring range of press-molded crystal glass ashtrays. Each one features an instantly-recognizable iconic Keith Haring design, a laser-engraved signature and comes with a matching custom box.

Check out the rest of the site for the full range of ashtrays, as well as K.Haring bongs, spoons, dab rigs, trays and more.

Wake and bake: Puff Mug & Ashtray Set

Do you like to start the day with a coffee and a joint? Here’s a matching coffee mug and ashtray combo to do it in style.

The ashtray has one section for ashing and another that’s effectively a coaster for your mug. With an aged, rustic appearance both parts of the set are handmade.

However, if you’re not wild about the looks of this one, also try Etsy or ebay, where you’ll often find some vintage mug/ashtray sets for sale.

Skater chic: SESH Recycled Skateboard Wooden Ashtray

Another for lovers of street style. Each SESH ashtray is handmade from recycled broken skateboards, so each one is unique. The final look depends on the skateboards used.

Could be a nice conversation starter.

And we love the idea of trashed decks getting a second life facilitating a different kind of high.

Stylish and practical: Marley Natural Crystal Ash Tray

Yes, Marley Natural products draw on the legacy of Bob Marley. And it’s a company with a positive mission around sustainability and social justice. But this is just a beautiful piece, with or without those added attractions.

Clear cut-crystal glass with a tasteful walnut rim, it would look at home on any coffee table.

And it’s super-practical too.

There’s a removable debowler spike. A felt-lined base prevents scratches. And its wind-proof design means it’s not only good for the coffee table. You can enjoy its looks outdoors too.

Dialled up to 11: Marijuana Amp Speaker Ashtray

Purple Haze isn’t just a weed strain. It’s one of the songs most associated with Jimi Hendrix, who was himself famous for his love of Marshall amplifiers (and weed, natch). So we couldn’t not include an ashtray designed to look like a Marshall amp.

This one doesn’t offer any extra features, it’s just a simple rectangular ashtray. The speaker’s the tray, and the amp part’s a slot for your lighter.

But with Marijuana written in the style of the Marshall logo and (painted) tone dials marked Buzzed, High, Stoned and Baked, we couldn’t resist.

Two-in-one: Myster Mini Magnetic Ashtray

Two mini ashtrays in one, when you uncap the Myster Mini you’ll have one metal ashtray with a debowler spike and another silicone one (the lid) with a doob holder in its center. The latter is perfect for passing a lit joint. While the former is obviously super-handy for pipe and bowl smoking. It’s another nice portable ashtray option. But what we haven’t mentioned yet is that the metal is magnetic. So, on any metal surface, it’s non-slip. And it can be stuck to the fridge so you always know where to find it. 

Spin city: Blazy Susan Rolling Tray

For our final pick, we thought we’d go for something totally unique where the ashtray is only one part of the whole setup. Sure, the included ashtray’s nice enough — a silicone debowler type.

But what it’s part of is a whole organizing station.

Modelled on a lazy susan — that revolving platform you’ll sometimes find on restaurant tables that lets you easily pass dishes around the table — like its near-namesake, it’s great for group enjoyment. But this one’s designed for cannabis consumption.

Anything from joints to dabs. Whatever your equipment or supplies, there’s a handy space, hollow or insert for it. They’ve pretty much thought of everything. There’s even a removable silicone mat for catching and easily cleaning up dab residue.

And when someone across the table needs something? Just spin the tray.

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