Honest’s City High Guide: New York City

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The self-proclaimed greatest city in the world just got even greater. Spliffs are smoked stress-free on the street, dispensaries are popping up alongside neighborhood bodegas, and sitting in the park just got wayyy more fun. 

Now that you can easily pull out an apple bowl in the big apple, here’s a few spots to light up in the city that never sleeps.

Your Guide to Weed in New York City 

Best Dispensary in NYC:

Union Square Travel Agency 

Image courtesy of Design Milk 

nyc weed guide dispensaries

The first step towards having a cannabis-fueled, carefree day in the city is to secure your stash, of course. Step inside this thoughtfully-curtated and literally out-of-this-world looking shop for your perfect pair for the day. Stocked with brands from hyperlocal to nationwide, grab whatever you need for your ideal afternoon. I’d recommend a pack of mini-sized sativa prerolls. 

Even better, the USTA is purpose-driven, using their position in the legal industry to reverse the damage caused by the decades-long War on Drugs through profit-sharing, hiring, and community advocacy.

Where to Explore When High in NYC: 

Little Island 

Image courtesy of Michael Grimm

weed guide new york

This quirky green space leans into Manhattan’s designation as an island by creating a park that floats right on the Hudson. Little Island is home to gorgeous views, open lawns, and winding walkways that make for the perfect spot to wander once you start feeling your plant-based mood boost. The boulder scrambles are an especially pretty spot to house the sesh. 

If you’re a birder, keep an eye out for the little critters including vibrant cardinals, robins, and warblers. 

When the Munchies Hit in NYC:

A Tour of Chinatown (or a slice of Artichoke Pizza)

Image courtesy of Luke Fortney, Eater NY

nyc chinatown munchies when stoned

If you’re ready to go all in on your meal, look no further than Chinatown: a hub for some of the flavors on the planet. Start with a pineapple pork bun from Mei Lei Wah before hitting the aptly named Fried Dumpling. Follow your nose to whichever street meat cart smells the best before ending the run at Tai Pan for sweets like green tea cake and egg custard. 

If you’re not in the mood for Chinese food, try one of the the city’s iconic slices and, if you’re a bit more daring, try a local favorite riff on the classic: Artichoke Pizza.  

Stoned Sunset Spot: 

A Sunset Walk on Brooklyn Heigths Promenade

Image courtesy of Camille Lacroix

nyc sunset while stoned

Sometimes, the journey is just as lovely as the destination. Now on the opposite side of the city from where you saw your first views on Little Island, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is the perfect spot to watch the sun set (albeit a little earlier this time of year than you might like) as you wind across the river to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

With plenty of benches to cuddle up on, feel free to take your time wandering amongst a gorgeous slice of nature in a city while you enjoy all the greenery that nature has to offer.