Honest’s City High Guide: Washington, D.C.

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A few main images come to mind when you think of the nation’s capital – the White House, the National Museum of Natural History, perhaps the seasonal Japanese Cherry Blossom explosion.  But few remember that D.C. is a gorgeous midsized city where people actually live – even if they’re not heading to work “on the Hill.”

Better yet, cannabis has been legal in Washington, D.C. since 2015. Well… sort of. It’s legal to possess two ounces or less of marijuana, “gift” less than one ounce of marijuana (with no currency exchanged), and grow up to six marijuana plants – with only three being mature at once. 

DC Weed Guide ( Washington D.C. cannabis guide)

If these regulations seem nonsensical, it’s because they are. The disconnect lies in the fact that D.C. is still not a state, meaning it ultimately must adhere to federal regulations, which continue to outlaw the sale and purchase of cannabis. 

Regardless, you can still enjoy cannabis in this city much more freely than in many others. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a plant-powered day in Washington, D.C.

Best “Dispensary” in DC 

The Garden 

Best dispensary DC

Image courtesy of Yelp 

Nestled in the Shaw neighborhood of the city, The Garden offers a wide variety of cannabis options as a “free gift with purchase” (a necessary loophole in this market) with the “purchase” of a token – a plastic coin you buy at different rates to select the size of your gift. You then drop your coin in a labeled box to support the charitable organization of your choosing. 

Whether you’re looking to start your day of stoney exploration with flower, dabs, or gummies, you’ll be covered at The Garden. 

Be sure to consume with care in either a privately owned home (if possible) or respectfully outdoors in an uncrowded spot. 

Where to Explore While High in D.C. 

Malcolm X (Meridian Hill) Park 

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Image courtesy of Washington Parks & People 

Malcolm X Park is many locals’ preferred name for Meridian Hill – a park originally opened to the public in 1936 before it became a prominent gathering place for Black activists, urging activist Angela Davis to publicly call for the renaming in 1969. 

Besides the iconic cascading Italian villa-inspired fountain and an array of truly interesting statues commemorating icons from Joan of Arc to poet Dante, there’s also a wide reflecting pool and comfortable plaza to sit and let your mind wander. If you’d prefer a grassy knoll, check out the upper area of the park. On sunny Sunday afternoons starting at 3 pm, a local drum circle takes over with a showcase of the city’s rich musical history

When the Munchies Hit in D.C. ( Where to eat in D.C. when high)

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Image courtesy of Yelp

You might be surprised to learn that the nation’s capital is home to some of the best Ethiopian food in the country. For the uninitiated, Ethiopian dishes often consist of different stews, curries, and vegetables that you then eat with injera – a lightly fermented, crepe-like accouterment made with ancient grain teff. You then eat with your hands, using the injera as a vessel to deliver bites with your mouth, AKA the perfect high meal. Take to CherCher for some of the city’s best. 

Another one of D.C.’s most iconic munchies is the Jumbo Slice: a slice of pizza that measures over a foot long, served on two plates and folded to eat. While there are plenty of seemingly identical spots to grab a slice, not all are created equal – steer towards Duccini’s or Kouzina Angelina’s over the many Pizza Marts. 

The Best Museum to Explore While High in D.C.

The Hirshhorn

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Image courtesy of Smithsonian Institute

Washington, D.C. is a city chock-full of free museums to explore our nation’s many niches, from the National Postal Museum to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The best museum to go to while high, though, is undoubtedly the Hirshhorn. 

The Hirshhorn is a modern art and culture museum showcasing some of the most innovative voices of our time. From a coveted list of rotating installations to one of the nation’s premiere sculpture gardens, this is the perfect spot to get lost for a few hours as you come down from your highly cultured day of weed-fueled ambling and exploration.