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5 Best Weed Pipes for Discreet Stealthy Smoking

5 Best Weed Pipes for Discreet Stealthy Smoking

The humble weed pipe: Probably the simplest way to smoke dry herb. No messing about with roaches and rolling papers — just grind, pack the bowl and light up.

However, it isn’t just simplicity that the best weed pipes have to offer.

Some of the traditional models, let’s be honest, are not exactly… well, discreet. They’re pretty breakable too.

Thankfully, though, the simple weed pipe is modernizing.

As legalization advances, we’re seeing a boom in highly convenient, portable and stealthy pipes — innovative, ingenious and perfect for travel and smoking on-the-go.

And it’s exactly those features we’re going to focus on today.

Pipes that blend into the decor. Pipes that won’t be noticed. Pipes that are easy to slip in a pocket or purse. Pipes that will make your life easier — and smoking a real pleasure, even if you need to keep it on the DL.

First, we’ll take a look at what you need to know to buy the best pipe for you.

Then we’ll pick out a selection of our favorites that are available to buy today— handpicked for their stealth, portability and uniqueness. 

Why use a stealth weed pipe?

Attitudes to cannabis are changing rapidly, but still not everyone’s open minded about it. And outdated lazy stoner stereotypes persist. So you don’t always want to advertize that you’re a smoker.

Whether you want to sneak a smoke while visiting anti-cannabis friends or family members, you want a pipe you can leave around the house inconcspicuously, or you just need to carry your pipe during the day for enjoying more openly later, a stealthy weed pipe shouldn’t give you away.

While they can be beautiful pieces in their own right, old fashioned glass or ceramic pipes, unfortunately, are dead giveaways. And usually too big and fragile for carrying discreetly.

Secret weed pipes: What makes a weed pipe stealthy?

Here are the main features of a stealthy weed pipe:

  • Size: Small enough to carry discreetly in a purse or pocket
  • Disguise: Doesn’t obviously look like a pipe; looks like something decorative; or looks like something else entirely (e.g. a lipstick, mascara, keychain flashlight)
  • Convenience: You can pack the bowl in advance, so you can just light it up immediately when you’ve got a moment
  • Odorless: Has a lid so that the smell of any weed or burnt weed left inside doesn’t give you away.

Fortunately, as you’ll see below, many modern weed smoking pipes are made with exactly those concerns in mind.

The best stealth weed pipes: unique, portable, incognito

We’ve selected each of the pipes below on the criteria above. Each one is pocket-sized, looks discreet, and has a lid that can be closed over the bowl for virtually odorless carrying even when pre-loaded or post-smoke.

They’re simple but ingenious. You can take them anywhere.

And we think each one is pretty unique.

Best metal weed pipe: Smoke Honest Path Pipe

Voted ‘Best Pipe of 2020’ by, the Path Pipe is the perfect pipe for smoking on-the-go. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, it’s practically unbreakable (backed up by a lifetime warranty). It’s also small — not much bigger than a lighter — and lightweight. Easily slips in a pocket.

And it’s highly discreet.

With a minimalist design, not only does it look completely inconspicuous, but the sliding cover keeps odors trapped safely inside. You can even pack the bowl in advance, so all you’ll need to do when you want to indulge is slide back the cover and light up.

And how does it smoke? Smooth, clean and cool.

Under the cover, there’s a twisting, serpentine smoke path that cools and filters out tar.

Finally, just for extra convenience, there’s a built-in poker tool for unclogging the bowl and cleaning out tar in the chamber.

Best wooden weed pipe: Baby Gear Head Pipe (Steven Mattern Design)

We love Steven Mattern’s handmade wooden pipe designs. The simplicity of the Snap Pipe 2.0; the double-bowled Double Trouble; the playful California pipe (in the shape of the state, complete with county lines).

But our favorite is definitely the Baby Gear Head.

It’s small enough to take with you. But also decorative enough to leave around the house.

And utterly unique.

Crafted from walnut and looking like some enigmatic wooden toy, it consists of two interlocking gear wheels. The smaller one turns the larger one to reveal or cover its two hidden bowls.

The lid also locks in place magnetically, so you could easily pack the bowls in advance for travel. And when closed, it snuffs out any smoldering.

Finally, each bowl has its own pathway, which can be easily cleaned with a pipe cleaner.

(For multi-bowl pipes, by the way, we also like the six-bowl Puk Pipe. But there seem to be supply problems at the moment, so no review this time.)

Self-igniting weed pipe: The Original Refillable SoloPipe

A combination pipe and butane lighter that fits in the palm of the hand, the SoloPipe comes in luxurious gunmetal, gold, rose gold or chrome. It also includes cleaning and poking tools, a hard protective travel case and a scratch-proof carrying bag.

Sleek, simple and ingenious, just pack the bowl and ignite. Or pack in advance (there’s a sliding bowl cover). The switch is quick release, to control the burn. And flame size is adjustable for different smoking conditions.

Small enough to be stealthy. And saves you carrying a separate lighter.

If you prefer a USB rechargeable coil lighter, there’s also the SoloPipe Elektra, with a ceramic bowl.

Swiss Army pipe: The High Knife

This is basically a Swiss Army knife for pot smokers. As well as the expected small and large blades, corkscrew, bottle opener, and all the rest, there’s also a fold-out pipe (with removable sleeve), a roach clip, and a dab tool/pipe reamer.

On the downside, it’s a pretty simple pipe design… 

However, we think it makes up for that with practicality, portability and stealth. And it would be perfect for a camping trip.

A revived and improved 70s classic: The Proto Pipe Classic Highbrid

After experimenting for a few years with prototypes, in 1972 artist Phil Jergenson placed an ad in Rolling Stone magazine for his newly designed Smoking Contrivance — and a classic pipe was born.

A year or so and a name change later, Proto Pipes were in head shops all over the Bay Area. And eventually worldwide.

It’s had a bit of a rocky history since then... 

But in 2014 Phil was inspired to revive the company. Now they offer a few different designs, of which the Highbrid is our favorite.

Handcrafted from 100% brass, like the original, but with a permanent screen, and just 3” long, it also packs in a weed storage pod (holds 5 bowls) and a poker tool for easy cleaning.

It’s discreet, portable, sturdy, practical and features some lovely, subtle engraved decorative details — just to give it that handmade, timeless feel.

Oh, and it even comes in left- and right-handed versions.



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