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The Doob Tube: Everything You Need to Know to Never Waste a Joint Again

The Doob Tube: Everything You Need to Know to Never Waste a Joint Again

Ever dropped a joint into a bag or pocket for later, only to find it’s mangled and crushed when you want to smoke it? Or felt paranoid about the smell the whole time it’s there? Have you ever needed to stub out a joint before it’s finished?

If so, a doob tube could be your friend. For the above reasons and more, they’re an essential accessory for smoking on-the-go.

In this post you’ll find out exactly what a doob tube is, what types are available — and how to never waste a joint again. 

What is a doob tube?

A doob tube or joint holder is a slim airtight tube designed for storing pre-rolled or partially-smoked joints or blunts. Typically made of polycarbonate plastic, glass or metal, they’re often also odor and water proof. And come in a range of lengths and sizes, to suit all joint rolling preferences. (If you like to roll extra-long or extra-fat ones, make sure to get the right dimensions.) The term also sometimes refers to a tube smoke can be blown into to disguise the smell, also known as a sploof, deodorizer or smoke filter.

Often the latter are just made from a kitchen or toilet roll packed with dryer sheets. However, these days, various more sophisticated and effective purpose-built devices are available. We’ll only be talking about the joint holder kind today. But if you’re curious about smoke filters, we’ve recommended one in a previous post

What is a doob?

Doob or doobie is just another slang term for a cannabis joint. Like a lot of slang, no-one’s sure exactly where the word originally came from, but according to Merriam Webster it’s first recorded use was in 1967.

One fun theory is that it started as a subversive and nostalgic reference to a popular 1950s children’s TV show, Romper Room, and specifically two characters called the Do-Bee and the Don’t-Bee who taught children how to behave.

Another idea is that it might have originated among 1950s musicians.

What is a doob tube used for?

A doob tube is used to keep pre-roll joints fresh, potent, intact and unnoticed, by keeping air and moisture out and keeping odors in. They’re typically used to carry joints or blunts safely and discreetly while on-the-go, or for slightly longer term storage. However, they can also be used for storing and carrying small amounts of herb.

Less typically, some joint holders can be used to extinguish lit joints to save for later; some clip to keychains so you won’t lose them; some handily double as lighters; and one of the leading brands, Doob Tubes, also manufactures a discreet one-hitter pipe that fits inside its tubes. You’ll even find hand-crafted and luxury doob tubes (Etsy sells a surprisingly large range of joint holders).

Do joints go stale?

Just like any other kind of herb, if exposed to air, light and heat, weed can go dry and lose its flavor and potency — the thin rolling paper doesn’t offer much protection. Studies have found that, even when stored well, weed loses around 16% of its THC content after a year. In addition, humidity and moisture in the air can cause mold.

If you find an old joint with dark spots on it, don’t smoke it! That’s toxic mold.

Otherwise, even an old joint is still smokable, but expect it to burn faster, get you less high and give you a harsher smoke. 

What are doob tubes made of? Types of joint holder

Doob tubes are most commonly made of plastic (usually polycarbonate), but you’ll also find them in metal, glass or even wood. Each of which has its own pros and cons… 


Durable and cheap — you can get them for under a dollar. Some do look pretty cheap and tacky though.


Pretty much unbreakable. More discreet too, since they’re not see-through. And can be ideal for extinguishing a lit joint to save for later — just drop it in and close the cap. (Heat-proof plastic doob tubes are also available.) Usually slightly more expensive, though.


They look great and they feel scientific — like carrying a test tube — but are more breakable than other kinds.


Another highly durable option, with nice aesthetics. And if you do drop it in water, some wooden doob tubes will actually float.

Cigar tubes

Cigar tubes come in just as many different materials and are excellent doob tubes. However, if they’ve been used for cigars first, your joints might take on a bit of a cigar flavor. Less of a problem for blunts, of course.


If you want to have some pre-roll joints stored, but you’ve got kids in the house, there are even doob tubes with child-proof lids. Even if you think you’re hiding them well, could be worth considering. Just in case.

Are doob tubes waterproof?

Being airtight, most doob tubes are at least water/moisture resistant. If you get caught in the rain, you should be fine.

However, if you think there’s going to be a risk of the tube somehow getting immersed where you’re taking it, fully waterproof doob tubes are also available. Just make sure to check the listing before you buy.

How much does a doob tube cost?

The cheapest plastic dube tubes cost less than a dollar and most are under $35. However, more expensive luxury or custom ones can go up to about $150. We’ve also seen a pair of snakeskin tubes for $440(!) — but that’s a bit of an outlier.

Doob tube F.A.Q.s:

To round things off, if you’ve still got some questions, these should cover anything else you might need to know.

However, if you think we’ve missed anything, just drop us a line.

How long can you keep joints in a doob tube?

In a good airtight doob tube, you can store a joint indefinitely. However, even cannabis that’s stored well slowly loses potency. So the longer you store it, the weaker the hit will eventually get. As already mentioned in this article, THC concentration lessens by about 16% after a year — and all the way up to around 41% after four years (give or take 6 or 7% for both those figures).

But doob tubes are more about carrying a joint on-the-go than long term storage.

How do you keep joints fresh when you have more than one?

Some doob tubes have more than one compartment. However, to store multiple pre-rolled joints, you can use Zip-loc bags, Mason jars, pill bottles, or really anything of a suitable size that’s airtight. And of course there are plenty of containers designed specifically for storing weed.

Mason jars and Zip-locs are the most popular DIY methods, and work especially well with the addition of a humidity pack (various types and sizes are available). But obviously bags don’t offer much protection from physical damage (bending, crumpling, etc).

If using pill bottles, probably best to wash them out first. Just to be sure.

How long does a doob tube last?

With normal use, even the cheapest joint holder should last years. However, some are designed to be unbreakable and should never need to be replaced.

Can you put lit joints in a doob tube? How to put out a joint to finish later

Saverette doob tubes are designed for exactly this purpose. Just drop the lit joint in the tube, pop on the airtight lid and the joint will be extinguished within 5 seconds and ready to finish later. The added advantage: no damage to the joint from stubbing it out. Lack of oxygen extinguishes it. So any doob tube made from something heat resistant and sufficiently airtight should work too. Great if you need to stop smoking in a hurry.

Can you wash a doob tube?

Yes. Simple soap and water should do the trick — just make sure the tube’s fully dry before using it again. However, unless you’re using it to extinguish lit joints to save for later, a doob tube really shouldn’t need cleaning very often.

Summing up

Whether you’re travelling, on-the-go or storing joints slightly longer term, a doob tube will keep them safe, discreet, and fresh. Some even extinguish joints in a hurry, without the damage of stubbing them out. Just store your joint or blunt in a doob tube and you should never have to waste one again.

And whatever your budget or aesthetic preferences, with the information above and a little homework, you should easily be able to find one that’s just right for you.


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