Keychain Lighter

keychain lighter

Lighters are the only ubiquitous smoking accessory that every dry cannabis consumer carries with them.

As long as you smoke dry herb, you own a lighter, and like many of us you probably own several lighters.

At the same time, lighters always seem to be the most easily lost item in your house.

Small enough to fit in almost any crack in the couch or slide under any furniture, a lighter is maybe the most common item to lose. Because lighters are relatively cheap, most people won’t take the time to search for their lost lighters, and instead just grab another from the pack of Zippo lighters they recently bought.

This is one solution to the problem. However, we think we have another solution. A keychain lighter. 

So simple, yet, so functional.

The keychain addition you simply can’t do with your standard Bic or Zippo lighter, or almost any other lighter for that matter.

This allows you to take your lighter with you anywhere without ever worrying about losing it. Simply attach it to your keychain like any other keychain attachments you have and you will always have a lighter on you.

The Stashlight comes in two colors, black and silver, both designed to perfectly blend in with other keychain ornaments. 

How To Light A Joint Properly

Another benefit of this highly functional smoking tool is that it doubles as a joint holder. Screw off one end to reveal the lighter and the other end to reveal the joint storage tube. It's the perfect all in one smoking device. Your joint will be safe and secure in the aluminum doob tool. It is a refillable butane lighter so you won’t need to keep buying lighters. Simply buy the standard butane lighter fluid that goes into any Zippo lighter and you are good to go. Cool lighters like this are changing the way people smoke. 

Effective Ways to Never Lose your Lighter Again

  1. Always Put it Back in the Same Spot

Yes, this seems obvious, but if you have a designated spot for your lighter it will be much easier to keep track of it. Whenever you are done smoking, put it back in the same spot every time so you know where to find it next time. Whether it is a small pot or tray or a specific drawer, make that the designated lighter spot. It would even help to make a label for this spot. By making this a habit you will put your lost lighter days behind you.

      2. Use a Keychain Lighter

See above for more details. This is probably the most convenient and functional option for you. A lighter keychain takes away all the worry of losing your lighter. The lighter holder keychain will be attached to your car keys or house keys that you always have with you giving you a lighter

      3. Use a Lighter Leash

A lighter leash is a leash that you attach to your lighter so that you don’t lose it easily. Pot smokers most commonly use this when they smoke out of a bong. Most lighters leashes on the market are retractable lighter leashes so the leash doesn’t get in the way too much. These are a great way to not lose your lighter if smoking out of a bong is your usual way of smoking. However, if you smoke out of a hand pipe or joints/blunts the lighter leash is less functional. 

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