The Doob Tube: Everything You Need to Know to Never Waste a Joint Again

doob tube
Find out how a doob tube can keep your joint fresh, discreet and smokable. Whether you’re on-the-go, interrupted mid-smoke or just rolling one for later.
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5 Cool Lighters for Smoking in 2024

cool lighter with built in doob tube for easy storage

Looking for cool lighters? Check out our selection of unique and interesting lighters that will make a statement. From classic Zippo lighters to funky designs, we've got you covered. Find the perfect addition to your collection today.

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Joint Holder Basics and Important Tips

joint holder

What is a joint holder? There are two different types of joint holders; one that is a case to keep your joint secure and the other that you use to hold the crutch of your joint when you have smoked it to the bottom, commonly referred to as a roach...

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