Honest’s City High Guide: Washington, D.C.

weed in dc
Discover the best cannabis-friendly spots, from top dispensaries to scenic parks, iconic eateries, and immersive art experiences.
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Best Stealth Pipes For Weed Smoking

stealth pipe
Need a stealth pipe or stealth bong? Want to keep your smoking on the downlow? Simple, portable, discrete, these are the best stealth pipes for weed smoking. Take a look and grab a discrete weed pipe as you toke in public!
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Honest’s City High Guide: New York City

weed guide nyc
Your New York City Weed Guide just got better. Here's everything you need to know for a fun stoned day in NYC.
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The Doob Tube: Everything You Need to Know to Never Waste a Joint Again

doob tube
Find out how a doob tube can keep your joint fresh, discreet and smokable. Whether you’re on-the-go, interrupted mid-smoke or just rolling one for later.
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High-Tech Weed Pipe: The Future of Cannabis Consumption

high tech weed pipes
Explore the future of cannabis with high-tech weed pipes: advanced features, health benefits, and a superior smoking experience.
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