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Joint Holder

What is a joint holder? There are two different types of joint holders; one that is a case to keep your joint secure and the other that you use to hold the crutch of your joint when you have smoked it to the bottom, commonly referred to as a roach...

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Stashlight Doobtube and Lighter

Stashlight Doobtube, lighter, joint case

This lighter just changed the game for cannabis users everywhere.   Stashlight by Smoke Honest Introducing the Stashlight. The first of its kind, the Stashlight combines a doob tube or joint case with a refillable wind resistant lighter. All packaged up in a modern metal tube about the size of...

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Modern Discreet Joint Holder, Doob Tube, Metal Lighter

stashlight doobtube Joint Case lighters metal

The Idea behind the Modern Discreet Joint Holder, Doob Tube, and Metal Lighter New weed gadgets and cannabis accessories are coming out everyday. Our goal at Smoke Honest is to be on the frontline of product creation. We are innovators at heart, looking at every aspect of a product to see...

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