How To Smoke A Bowl: Quick Guide For Beginners

How To Smoke A Bowl: Quick Guide For Beginners

Want to learn how to smoke a bowl of weed? You've come to the right place. In this short guide, you're going to learn how to smoke weed out of a bowl like the pros.

Smoking a bowl for the first time can be extremely confusing. After all, they don't teach you this kind of stuff in school! To further complicate matters, different bowls can be of different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Then, you need to consider whether you are smoking a bowl from a bong vs pipe - as this will change the recommended steps as well.

When you are smoking a bowl of herb there are a few things that really matter. Don’t worry, we are going to educate you on everything so you know how to smoke from a bowl. To truly help you understand this topic, we need to begin by breaking down the different types of bowls you can smoke from - pipes, bubblers, and bongs.

What Are Bowls In The First Place?

Bowls are - as the name suggests - the aspect of a hand pipe or water pipe that actually holds your weed. Pretty simple, right? Not all bowls are created equal, though. They have different functions and locations in pipes, bubblers, and bongs to name a few. Don't worry - we'll break down the difference for you below.

Hand pipes have built-in bowls usually. Water bubblers typically have built-in bowls as well, but some more intricate bubblers will have removable bowl pieces. Water pipes and bongs will almost always have removable bowls. This is why we recommend beginner smokers start with a hand pipe with no removable bowl. Having to remove the bowl to clear your hit just adds more steps to the process, complicating things further.

And let's be honest - the powerful rips a bong offers can be a bit much for beginner smokers. If you want to learn more about the best ways to smoke weed, take a look at our article breaking it all down. For now, let's quickly touch on what to consider when shopping for a piece.

Quick Tips On Shopping For A Bowl

When you purchase a bowl make sure it is the correct size for your bong or water pipe. There are a few different sizes and there is nothing worse than buying the wrong size, getting excited, and then realizing you can’t smoke from that bowl. Especially because most smoke shops won't let your return any sort of glass after you purchase it.

Bottom line, when you purchase a new bowl make sure it is the right sized bowl piece. If you are smoking a hand pipe, you shouldn’t typically have to worry about bowl pieces or removable bowls. At least not with our Path Pipe. If you're just starting to smoke cannabis and want something mellow, simple, and highly portable, this discreet hand pipe is exactly what you need.

No matter what you are smoking out of, smoking a bowl is very easy once you learn how to smoke from a bowl. It's just going to be a bit daunting that first rip - but we're here to help. And once you take that rip, you'll feel all the stress melt away - and you'll realize there is really nothing to it! So, whether it’s a hand pipe, bubbler, water pipe, or bong, here is how to smoke a bowl. 

How To Smoke A Bowl - Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Ready to learn how to smoke a bowl? It's actually pretty simple - especially if you take our advice and stick with a cannabis pipe instead of a bong. with that said, we'll walk you through how to smoke a bowl from a bong as well in just a moment. Let's dive in:

  1. The first step to smoke weed? Grind that herb up and pack bowl of course! If you don't have a grinder, just break down the weed by hand to the best of your ability. The more finely ground, the smoother hits you'll get. This will create a better smoking experience. With that said, don't overthink it too much - no need to stress over packing the perfect bowl. You'll get better and better with a little practice.
  2. If the bowl is removable, place your bowl in the downstem that connects it to the bong or water pipe. If you're smoking a glass hand pipe, this step does not apply to you.
  3. If you are using a hand pipe, be sure to place your finger over the carb hole to control the smoke volume. If you are smoking out of a bong, there is no carb hole - this step does not apply to you
  4. Using a lighter or hemp wick, bring the flame up to the bowl and breathe in so the flame makes contact with the herb and burns it. 
  5. As the bud burns, inhale for a few seconds. It's important to note that inhaling and sucking in is not the same thing - you need the smoke in your lungs, not your mouth. Think of taking a big breath of air, not sucking from a straw. 
  6. Once you are ready, pull the bowl piece from the bong and clear the bowl to finish your hit. If you are smoking out of a hand pipe, smoke the bowl, remove your finger from the carb, and clear the pipe. 
  7. Now you can use the debowler tool to clear out any ash leftover in your bowl. 
  8. Put the pipe or bong down and enjoy the wave of bliss that is soon to follow!

Final Thoughts On How To Smoke A Bowl

There you have it - how to smoke from a bowl. As you can see, it's actually pretty simple now that we've walked you through it. When in doubt, simply look up a video of someone consuming cannabis from the type of smoking device you have - visual learning may be best for this type of thing.

Boom, now you’re ready for your first smoking session with that new bowl. Just call up a smoking buddy and grab your kush! If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments. Our cannabis community is filled with friendly people who are willing to answer questions. We are happy to be your source of knowledge. 

Speaking of knowledge, you may be interested in our year-end reviews of the best water pipe and best hand pipe currently on the market. Take a look and treat yourself to the type of smoking device you deserve - you won't regret it! Our online smoke shop features the finest portable water bongs for sale along with a revolutionary discreet hand pipe for those who like more portable, on-the-go pieces. You can't go wrong with either one.

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