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January 14, 2020

Smoking a bowl for your first time can be extremely confusing. If this is your first time ever smoking cannabis, we suggest you starthere. Bowls can be different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. When you are smoking a bowl of herb there are a few things that really matter. Don’t worry, we are going to educate you on everything so you know how to smoke from a bowl

Pipes, Bubblers, and Bongs

Bowls are in pipes, bubblers, and bongs to name a few. Hand pipes have built in bowls usually. Water bubblers typically have built in bowls as well, but some more intricate bubblers will have removable bowl pieces. Water pipes and bongs will almost always have removable bowls. When you purchase a bowl make sure it is the correct size for your bong or water pipe. There are a few different sizes and there is nothing worse than buying the wrong size, getting excited, and then realizing you can’t smoke from that bowl. Bottom line, when you purchase a new bowl make sure it is the right sized bowl piece. If you are smoking a hand pipe, you shouldn’t typically have to worry about bowl pieces or removable bowls. At least not with our Path Pipe

No matter what you are smoking out of smoking a bowl is very easy once you learn how to smoke from a bowl. Whether it’s a hand pipe, bubbler, water pipe, or bong, here are the steps to smoke a bowl. 

Steps to smoke from a bowl

  1. Pack bowl with herb

  2. If bowl is removable, place your bowl in the downstem that connects it to the bong or water pipe. 

  3. If you are using a hand pipe, be sure to place your finger over the carb to control the smoke volume. If you are smoking out of a bong, there is no carb. 

  4. Using a lighter or hemp stick, bring the flame up to the bowl and breathe in so the flame makes contact with the herb and burns it. 

  5. As the bud burns, slowly suck in. 

  6. Once you are ready, pull the bowl piece from the bong and clear the bowl to finish your hit. How to smoke a bowl

  7. If you are smoking out of a hand pipe, smoke the bowl, remove your finger from the carb, and clear the pipe. 

  8. Now you can use thedebowler tool to clear out any ash leftover in your bowl. 

Boom, now you’re ready. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments. Our cannabis community is filled with friendly people who are willing to answer questions. We are happy to be your source of knowledge. 

First Time Getting High, 10 Things to Know