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The Best Lighters for Weed in 2022

The Best Lighters for Weed in 2022

There’s something very personal about choosing a lighter. You want something elegant and dependable, and you also want it to reflect your personality. The best lighters can make your day a lot better. 

But there are just too many lighters to choose from, and they all differ in size, weight, look, and colors!

We created this list of the best lighters for weed in 2022. We’ll tell you what we loved about them, what makes them unique, and, well, a little bit of what we didn’t like about them.

1. Stashlight Waterproof Lighter + Doob Tube— $30.00

The Stashlight is exactly what weed lovers need. It’s not just a wind-resistant lighter but also doubles as a doob tube, so you get two products in one.You can take this thing anywhere and never have to worry about your joint getting wet or ruined. This metal lighter can be run over by a car and you'll still be able to light your joint. One lighter to last a lifetime. 

Made with durable aluminum, the upper third holds the refillable lighter, while the lower two-thirds functions as the doob tube. The doob tube can hold one 1-1/4 sized joint with a length of 83mm. It’s also airtight, smell-proof, and waterproof to keep your joint fresh and intact topping our list of best lighters for weed in 2022. 

PROS: Doob Tube, windproof, slim size, lifetime warranty, can be attached to your key chain

CONS: Only comes in two colors — black and gray

Stashlight Best Lighter

2. Zippo Windproof Lighter — $28.45

You can never go wrong with a Zippo. The classic flip-top is simply iconic, and they come in many designs to fit all types of personalities. There are designs for the sports fanatics, the metalheads, and even the romantics. If you don’t like the flashy designs, these lighters also come in classic, solid colors.

Whatever your choice is, Zippo’s steel-clad lighters are very durable, reliable, and windproof.

PROS: Sleek design, refillable, windproof, comes with a lifetime warranty

CONS: Dries out easily

Zippo Lighter

3. Dissim Inverted Soft Flame Lighter — $48.00

You have to hold your lighter upright for it to work properly. But with Dissim’s Inverted Soft Flame Lighter, you can hold it any way you like and it will still work.

Its patent-pending circle grip allows you a better grip of the lighter, and its high-quality trigger ignition easily and quickly ignites the flame.

Dissim’s Inverted Lighter has an elegant matte black and gunmetal-colored casing. You can also easily adjust the flame’s height. This is definitely the best lighter if you are looking for an inverted lighter. 

PROS: Refillable, lifetime warranty, innovative and ergonomic design, low-temperature candle flame

CONS: Comes in only one design

Dissim Lighter

4. S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter — $165.75

Putting luxury in luxury lighters, S.T. Dupont is known for its ultra-expensive lighters. The price of their Slim 7 lighters range from about $130 to $170.

Their collection comes in a variety of designs and colors — from matte black to brushed metal. Weighing only 45 grams and 7 mm thin, the Slim 7s have a very elegant, sleek look.

But don’t be fooled by its size and weight though. These lighters are very durable and deliver a powerful, windproof torch flame.

PROS: Ultra-chic design, powerful torch flame, refillable, 2-year warranty

CONS: Expensive

5. WindBlaze Torch Lighter — $35.00

If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors, then Windblaze Torch Lighter is perfect for you. This lighter has a compact, sleek, and portable design made for durability and reliability. Its windproof blue flames ignite easily and work in all kinds of environments, even rain.

WIndBlaze Torch Lighter comes in four colors — blue, black, chrome, and gunmetal. Its modern design and compact shape easily fit into your hand for an easy grip.

PROS: 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year warranty, sleek and modern design, windproof

CONS: Ignition sometimes fails

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