What Are Roach Clips Used For?

What Are Roach Clips Used For?

All good things must come to an end eventually. And unfortunately, that is true of your joints. What started as a nice king-size joint will inevitably dwindle down to a tiny little stinger. You want to smoke the full things and get every last pull out of your doobie. But at a certain point, you begin to burn yourself - at that point, you are forced to toss your joint with a bit of weed still left. Nobody likes a waster!

If you're sick and tired of burning your fingers with the ember of your joint, or worse, wasting the last few pulls of weed, you need a roach clip.

Wait a minute - what are roach clips? And what do they do?

In this very short article, we're going to cover everything you need to know. Roach clips are a tool used by smokers to get the most out of their joints or blunts. They help you smoke the joint down as far as possible - virtually to the very end. And the best part? Your fingers are never at risk of getting burned!

Now the question becomes - how do you use one? And do you really need one, or are these simply a gimmick? Let's discuss all you need to know about these cool little tools.


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What Are Roach Clips Used For?

A roach clip is a tool you use to help you smoke the end of a joint without burning yourself. Sometimes, these are simply referred to as a joint holder. So, where does the name come from? A "roach" is a common term for the end of your joint/cigarette/blunt. As you smoke it down it becomes harder to hold the last little bit without burning your fingers. That is where the clip comes in.

A clip refers to a small metal tool that holds the end of the joint for you. Similar looking to tweezers, roach clips are thin metal tools that you can easily maneuver to grab the joint and smoke every last bit of herb.

One thing we want to note before proceeding is that some people have different definitions for joint holder. While we see many smokers use the terms roach clip and joint holder synonymously, others use "joint holder" to refer to a tube to stash your doobie in. If you are looking for a joint holder check out the Stashlight Doob tube and Lighter. For more information, take a look at our article talking about the metal joint holder.

Why Should You Use A Roach Clip?

Ok - so now you know what roach clips are. But why should you use one? Is it even worth it? The answer is, as with most things in life, it depends!

Roach clips are not very common with serious cannabis consumers. If you know how to handle a joint properly or are okay with leaving a little bit of unsmoked weed at the end of your joint then you don’t need a roach clip. You should use a roach clip if you consistently burn the tips of your fingers or if you want to smoke every last bud of weed in your joint.

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How To Use A Roach Clip

Roach clips are very easy to use. But before we can teach you how to use one, we need to discuss the different types available. For example, there are necklaces, keychains, and bracelets. Each of these is very similar - in fact, they do exactly the same thing. They just offer a different style.

But, if we're being entirely transparent, you probably have something lying around your house that can be used as a roach clip. Paper clips, tie clamps, chopsticks, you name it - if you can use it to hold the joint securely without dropping it or burning yourself, it'll work. We've seen some pretty creative DIY roach clips along our travels. If you're in a bind and need to find a roach clip ASAP, bust open your junk drawer - chances are, something in there might be able to help you out!

For most roach clips you simply have to clamp down to open the clip, then you close it onto the crutch, or roach, of the joint.

The crutch is another name for the filter at the end of a joint. Once that's secured, you can light the joint and enjoy the last little bit of it without burning your fingers. Simple as that!

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Where Can I Buy A Roach Clip?

If you're sold on the roach clip and want to buy your own, you're in luck. These are highly accessible. You can no doubt find one at your local smoke shop - or, snag one online and get it delivered right to your door ASAP.

The easiest place to buy a roach clip is on amazon. They have a diverse selection at decent prices. If you are looking for more unique roach clips, etsy is a great site where people can sell you their homemade roach holders. For example, you can find clips decorated in all types of jewelry like the ones above if you're looking for some glitzy marijuana paraphernalia.

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What Are Roach Clips Used For? Wrapping It All Up

Now you know all about the roach clip - one of the must-have tools in any stoner's arsenal. This is one of our personal favorite modern smoking accessories - and in our store, you'll find other awesome tools to take your cannabis experience to the next level. From debowlers to rolling trays, ash trays, storage jars, and much, much more - we've got all you need to smoke like a pro. Not to mention our water bongs for sale and our discreet hand pipes. Treat yourself to a cannabis smoking experience like no other at Smoke Honest today - you deserve it!

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