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Roach Clip

May 25, 2020

What is a Roach Clip?

A roach clip is a tool you use to help you smoke the end of a joint without burning yourself. A roach is a common term for the end of your joint/cigarette/blunt. As you smoke it down it becomes harder to hold the last little bit without burning your fingers. A clip refers to a small metal tool that holds the end of the joint for you. Similar looking to tweezers, roach clips are thin metal tools that you can easily maneuver to grab the joint and smoke every last bit of herb. A roach clip is sometimes referred to as a roach holder or joint holder. If you are looking for a joint holder checkout the Stashlight Doob tube and Lighter. 

roach clip

How to use a roach clip?

Roach clips are very easy to use. There are many types of roach clips available. For example there are roach clip necklace, roach clips keychains, and roach clip bracelets. Each of these are very similar but just offer a different style. Most roach clips you simply have to clamp down to open the clip, then you close it onto the crutch, or roach, of the joint. The crutch is another name for the filter at the end of a joint. Once that's secured, you can light the joint and enjoy the last little bit of it without burning your fingers.

Weed pipe

Why should you use a roach clip?

Roach clips are not very common with serious cannabis consumers. If you know how to handle a joint properly or are okay with leaving a little bit of unsmoked weed at the end of your joint then you don’t need a roach clip. You should use a roach clip if you consistently burn the tips of your fingers or if you want to smoke every last bud of weed in your joint. 

roach clips

Where to buy a roach clip?

The easiest place to buy a roach clip is on amazon. They have a diverse selection at decent prices. If you are looking for more unique roach clips, etsy is a great site where people can sell you their homemade roach holder. For example, you can find clips decorated in all types of jewelry like the ones above if you're looking for some glitzy marijuana paraphernalia.