Best Ashtray With Lid (And 6 Reasons Why You Might Need One)

ashtray with lid

An ashtray with a lid helps to contain the smell of cannabis smoke. Cannabis smoke can linger in the air and linger on clothing and other surfaces. This can be a concern for cannabis users who wish to keep their use private, or for those who live in areas where cannabis use is still not fully accepted. A lid on an ashtray can help to trap the smoke and odor, making it less likely to spread throughout a room or building.

Another important benefit of an ashtray with a lid for cannabis use is that it can help to keep the ash and roaches (the end of a cannabis joint) contained. This is especially important for cannabis users who roll their own joints or use other forms of cannabis consumption that produce roaches. Roaches can easily scatter and make a mess, and having a lid on an ashtray can help to contain them and reduce the risk of a fire.

It’s the morning after a long smoking session. You drag yourself out of bed. Wander drowsily into the living room… 

And it hits you:

That stench of stale ash.

The sight of a full ashtray. 

First thing in the morning, no-one wants to deal with that. (Especially if a few beers were involved last night too.)

Because that’s the thing, even the most decorative ashtray just looks gross when it’s full.

An ashtray with lid, however… 

You can deal with what’s inside later. When you feel like it. And until then, out of sight, out of mind.

However, that’s just one scenario where one might come in handy… 

In this post, we’ll look at why else you might want to think about getting an ashtray with a lid. Then we’ll select six of our favorites — from ashtrays you’ll want to display or carry with you to one that’s designed to be sneakily hidden away. Even a smoke-eating one.

(Because, it turns out, if you want an ashtray with a lid, buying one online isn’t so simple — but more on that later!)

ashtray with lid outside

Why do you need an ashtray with a lid?

There are six main advantages to using an ashtray with a lid:

  • Odor control: An airtight lid traps any lingering odors from debris left inside
  • Aesthetics: No need to stare at unsightly ash and roaches. Just put the lid on.
  • Easy emptying: Less chance of spillage on the way to the trash. Plus, you can empty less often.
  • Travel: Nowhere near a trash can? Put the lid on and empty later.
  • Outdoor use: Stops ash blowing everywhere. Though some are more windproof than others.
  • Stealth: With the lid on, even a full ashtray can look like an ornament.

Finally, a portable ashtray with a lid can also be extremely handy for the car. But we’ve already covered that in another post.

Buying an ashtray with lid online

You’d think buying an ashtray with a lid online would be easy. Right?

But not so much, it turns out.

Type the words into Amazon or Walmart, and you’ll get hundreds of results — and many of them ashtrays without lids.

Search for them at online head shops, on the other hand… 

And you’ll find hardly any. We were surprised.

Which is one of the main reasons we put this article together. Hopefully, with our picks below, we’ll be able to save you a bit of research time.

Our top 6 favorite covered ashtrays

We wanted to cover all the bases here: Different smoking styles (e.g. joints, bowls). Different use cases. Different budgets.

So each one of the ashtrays below fulfills a slightly different purpose.

Whatever your reason for wanting an ashtray with a lid, you should find one below that works for you.

Best glass ashtray with lid: Smoke Honest Ash Tray

Made from premium ½” thick shatter-resistant crystal glass, but small enough to be portable, this ashtray’s the ideal travel companion. And just as useful at home.

The silicone lid (available in 6 different colors) doubles as a non-slip base.

And when screwed on, it’s airtight and covers the whole ashtray — to protect the glass in transit, keep ash and odors safely inside, and keep anything inside out of sight.

When not in use as an outdoor ashtray with a lid, it’s also a perfect weed storage jar. This outdoor ashtray is super convenient to use at home or in the outdoors. 

Best decorative ashtray with lid: Houseplant Pebble Match Strike Ashtray & Match Holder

Matches and smoking go together much like Seth Rogen and weed.

And in this case, they go together exactly like that.

Houseplant is Seth Rogen’s premium smoking accessories and homeware venture. And while this lidded ashtray isn’t the only one he’s been selling — or even our favorite — unfortunately, the others are all sold out (though you might have some luck on auction sites).

Looking like an ornamental assembly of two black stones that would grace any coffee table, the smaller ‘stone’ lifts off to become an ashtray. While the larger ‘stone’ holds long matches for lighting up.

Oh, and they’re not really stones. They’re actually heavy cast iron that you can strike a match on.

Maybe stretching the definition of an ashtray with a lid… but we couldn’t resist including it.

Best novelty ashtray: Handmade Two-Piece Crab Ashtray

Yep, an ashtray in the shape of a crab. A friendly looking red one. The top of the shell’s the lid, and inside is the ashtray.

And you guessed it, position them both correctly and the crab looks like it’s smoking.

Made of resin, and measuring 7” wide and 2.3” tall, it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. And when not in use, unlike some novelties, it’s well made enough to be just an enjoyable coffee table ornament.

Best small ashtray with lid: Stashtray Mini Magnetic Ashtray with Debowler

This one is actually two ashtrays in one.

The main metal ashtray features a debowler spike for your pipes and bowls. And it’s magnetic. Potentially handy for travel and keeping your smoking stuff together — it’ll stick conveniently to the top of a Mason jar, for instance.

However, the lid is also an ashtray. Instead of the spike, though, this one has a stand in the middle. You can rest a bowl there (14 or 18mm). Or it’ll hold a joint, so you can easily pass it along without dropping ash on the way.

Like the Smoke Honest, the lid is also airtight and opaque, for odor control, travel and hiding unsightly ash and roaches until you need to empty it.

As the name suggests, it’s a bit smaller though. Meaning slightly more frequent emptying.

Best smokeless ashtray: Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray

It might look more like a mini George Foreman Grill, but inside the Smoke Grabber you’ll find an ashtray — and built into the lid an activated carbon filter to suck in smoke and eliminate odors.

Powered by two D batteries, the filter activates any time you open the lid. Just shut the lid to shut it off and hide away your ashes and roaches.

The tray is removable and dishwasher safe for easy emptying and cleaning.

And it’s small enough to easily move from room to room.

The downsides: Having to change batteries and replace the filter from time to time.

Best stealth ashtray: VEAREAR Hidden Table Bottom Ashtray

If you want to keep your smoking hidden for any reason, this neat little ashtray can be hidden completely from view.

The rotating lid glues to the underside of a table. When you want to use it, simply rotate out the attached ashtray. And when you’re done, just slide it discreetly back under, safely out of the way.

The stainless steel inner tray is removable for easy emptying.

It’s also a nice space-saving solution for a cluttered computer desk.

Bottom Line: Get an Ashtray with a Lid

An ashtray with a lid is an important accessory for cannabis use as it helps to contain the smell of cannabis smoke, keep ash and roaches contained, and reduce exposure to children and pets. By using an ashtray with a lid, cannabis users can enjoy their experience while also keeping their environment clean, safe and discreet.

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