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November 12, 2019

Packing a Bowl, and Smokin a Bowl


There are so many ways to smoke nowadays. Joints, blunts, hand pipes, bongs, and vaporizers are just some of the main ways people are able to smoke cannabis. With so many different ways to smoke the most common way is to smoke a bowl. Whether you like to smoke in any of these ways, you must know how to properly pack and smoke a bowl in any situation.


Hand pipes and bongs are usually made with a bowl. With hand pipes, a bowl is built into the smoking pipe and tends to be a standard size. Be careful buying hand pipes, handmade pipes tend to have different bowl sizes. When packing a bowl with a hand pipe, grind your herb to a medium coarse. This is an important step. You need to make sure the herb is not so ground that it just falls right through the hole in the bowl. Once you have the right grind, take a pinch of herb and place it gently in the bowl. Using a lighter, pack the bowl down so that the herb is all stuck together. Make sure you cover the bottom of the bowl so that it is easy to smoke.


Using a bong, grind the herb just like you did with the hand pipe. The main difference in a bong is the bowl piece is usually removable. This makes it very easy to pack. With a glass bong, make sure you remove the bowl piece completely so the bong does not tip over and break. Once again, after the bowl is packed, gently place the bowl back in the down stem and you are ready to smoke.


When smoking a bowl, there are a few different ways to light the bowl. A common lighter can be used, but many people do not like this as it is butane based. Some taste of the cannabinoids can also be removed or harmed by the butane. A better way to light a bowl is with a hemp wick. This lets the full taste of the cannabinoids enter the hit and usually gives a much more even burn to the bowl.


These are just a few tips to smoke a bowl. Remember smoking a bowl is the most common way to smoke, so there are many people who have their own opinions on the best way. Always make sure you are following the laws of the area you are in while smokin bowls.

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