What is a Bong? Our take on the clasic water pipe

What is a Bong? Our take on the clasic water pipe

What is a bong?

Also called a "water pipe", a "bong" is simply a smoking device that filters the smoke though a reservoir of water before being inhaled by the user. The water effectively cools and filters the smoke before it reaches the user's lungs. This is meant to provide a cleaner, smoother, less harsh hit of smoke.

Bongs are an age-old technology dating back thousands of years. Many cultures throughout history have used bong-like devices to smoke a range of herbs and medicinal remedies. Water pipes are simple technology, but remain an effective way to consume herbal products.

dirty bong

When most people hear the word "bong" they imagine a dark and dirty dorm room, thick with stale smoke, and littered with empty Cheetos bags. On the coffee table, a dirty glass bong, black with tar, and filled with dirty water. Today, the bong lives on as a staple of "stoner" culture, but we think it deserves a better reputation than that. 

Future of Bongs

So we set out to design a better bong. A water pipe designed for the modern user. One that looks great, so that you are proud to display it in your home. One that's easy to clean, so that you actually end up cleaning it. One that considers modern technology and modern style.

The Capsule Water Pipe is that solution. This bong doesn't remind us of the ubiquitous "stoner" bong. It looks more like a piece of technology than a piece of trash. It's packed with features that make it easy, enjoyable, and effective.

  • Comes apart completely for easy cleaning
  • Packs inside of itself for easy storage and travel
  • Durable, nearly unbreakable components (and if a component does break, the modular design lets you replace just that one part)
  • Silicone base to hide dirty water, and to provide protection and a non-slip grip
  • Built-in magnet to keep your lighter handy

The Capsule bong was designed with the modern consumer in mind. Our goal is to end the stereotype that has been associated with this smoking technique. For too long, the bong has lost the respect of so many. We aim to end the "stoner" stereotypes, and provide great smoking technology for every casual cannabis consumer.

We took an age-old technology, and built a version that we are proud to have in our collection. A clean, simple, and reliable way to enjoy cannabis. Check out the Capsule Water Pipe today, and help us modernize cannabis culture.

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