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January 28, 2020

This lighter just changed the game for cannabis users everywhere. 

Stashlight by Smoke Honest

Introducing theStashlight. The first of its kind, the Stashlight combines a doob tube or joint case with a refillable wind resistant lighter. All packaged up in a modern metal tube about the size of your finger, the Stashlight slips right into your pocket. 

Waterproof, Smell Proof, Wind Resistant 

Smoke Honest believes theStashlight will enable cannabis smokers to carry less while giving them everything they need in one sleek discreet metal tube. Doob tubes are traditionally plastic cases that look a little “Stoney”. The goal in creating this was to upgrade the look and feel while giving the case more functionality. 

Crafted from aircraft grade anodized aluminum the Stashlight is waterproof, keeping your joint dry and secure. Not to mention you won’t ever have to worry about your joint getting bent or folded ever again. Aluminum gives the tube its strength while maintaining a high end coffee table style look so that you can be seen anywhere with it.   

Designed in California, every detail of the Stashlight was pondered upon and tested to ensure the utmost excellence for our users. The lighter uses a wind resistant flint flame that is refillable. You won’t ever have to buy a lighter again. Imagine how many gas station trips that’ll save you. The tube seals completely, creating a smell proof case for you to take anywhere. The tube is long enough to hold king size rolling papers or over a gram of herb if you’re using it as a stash jar

Modern Smoking Accessories

Smoke Honest designs smoking accessories that aren’t meant to be hidden. The originality paired with the modern sleek look and feel of their accessories give users an elevated modern brand they can trust. People are tired of being embarrassed by their cannabis accessories. The dirty pipes, cheap glass, and gas station lighters are fit for some, but not for all. For those that expect a higher quality it’s time to upgrade what you use to smoke. 

The Stashlight by Smoke Honest