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How to Clean a Bowl

clean a bowl

Bongs, pipes, and bowls can accumulate resin and get dirty quickly. It’s very important to clean your bowl piece often to prevent the buildup from clogging.

Nobody likes when your bowl or downstem gets clogged mid sesh. We’re here to teach you the proper steps of how to clean a bowl piece so you'll have smooth smoking sessions every time. 

Article Updated 3/3/2023

Is it bad to use a dirty bowl or pipe? 

Using a dirty bowl can cause you to inhale harmful compounds. Not only that, but a dirty bowl makes your bong or pipe look bad. It makes you look bad. You want to take care of your cannabis accessories and keep them in top tier shape so they last forever. 

Using a dirty bowl can also cause weird tastes when you smoke. The leftover burnt resin flavor from a dirty bowl ruins the fresh taste of your cannabis. This is why it’s so important to keep your bowl clean. 

Bowl Piece Types

Glass: Typical bowl pieces are glass. It isn’t until recently that people started using other materials to make a bowl. These can break easily but are usually the cheapest. 

Stainless Steel: These bowl pieces are pretty much indestructible. Stainless steel also has a crazy high heat resistance so they are very safe to use. Stainless steel bowl pieces are the easiest to clean because they are dishwasher safe.

Aluminum: These bowl pieces are very hard to break. You can clean them the same way you’ll clean a glass bowl. 

Supplies to Clean a Bong Bowl

  • Ziploc or plastic sealable bag
  • Isopropyl Alcohol that is 90% or higher
  • Salt(Coarser the better)
  • Debowler or Poker Tool (Not required) 

How To Clean A Bowl Piece(Step by Step)

  1. Open your Ziplock bag and place your dirty bowl inside. Be sure to remove leftover flower from the bowl before putting it inside the bag.
  2. Pour Isopropyl Alcohol until the entire bowl is submerged. 
  3. Add a teaspoon or large pinch of Salt into the bag. Make sure to massage the salt all over the bowl as this will be used as the primary driver to remove sticky resin.  
  4. Leave the bowl piece in the bag for an hour so that it soaks completely. 
  5. After one hour, shake the bag to release the resin off the bowl piece. 
  6. Remove bong bowl and rinse your bowl in the sink. 
  7. If your bowl is not perfectly clean repeat steps 1-4 and leave it in the bag overnight. 

That’s how you clean a weed bowl. It’s really pretty simple. Once you do it three to four times it becomes very easy to get a perfect clean every time. There are some things you can do to minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do. Here are a few of our recommendations to maintain a clean bowl piece for your bong:

  1. Regularly use a Debowler to minimize the leftover residue
  2. Upgrade to a Stainless Steel bowl so you can use your dishwasher. 

Cleaning Smokeware 

Your bowl piece is just one small part of your bong or water pipe. Cleaning the entire bong is relatively similar depending on the type and style of bong you have. Smokeware might be a new term to you, but it’s truly the right term to use.

Smokeware includes bongs, pipes, grinders, ash trays, bowl pieces, downstems and more. All these parts need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain good clean hits. If any of those pieces is super dirty it will greatly affect the taste when smoking. Basically, keep your smokware clean. You’ll thank us later. 

Intricate glass bongs can be very difficult to clean especially when they contain multiple percs.  If you need help cleaning your bong or water pipe check out that article. 

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