Best Affordable Stash Box: 7 Picks to Suit A Tight Budget (Under $50)

Best Affordable Stash Box: 7 Picks to Suit A Tight Budget (Under $50)

Recently, we published a post looking at high-end stash boxes — everything from smart climate-controlled stash boxes to stash furniture. But what if you don’t have hundreds (let alone thousands) of bucks to spend on keeping your stash safe? You know, like most of us.

That’s what this article’s for. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best stash box options for anyone on a budget.

What makes a good affordable weed stash box? Factors to consider

For an affordable weed stash box, obviously the first and major factor is price — so in this article we’ll mostly be looking at boxes under the $50 mark (though we’ll also throw in a couple that are just a bit more expensive but worth the extra spend). However, as for the rest, here’s what you need to look for:

  • Secure: If you have kids, pets or nosy housemates, you’ll want to make sure it’s lockable.
  • Odor proof: Weed can be pretty pungent, and you don’t necessarily want to smell it constantly.
  • Airtight: To keep your nugs fresh, you need to avoid exposure to air (and the moisture therein). However, if you’re using good storage jars, this is one feature where you can economize.
  • Stealthy: Not essential, but if you want to keep your stash private and your smoking on the downlow, it’s worth not getting a stash box that screams ‘Stash box!’
  • Extra features: How many organizing compartments does it have? Is there a built-in rolling tray? Does it come with storage jars? And so on.
  • Quality materials: Ideally, you want a solid, robust box that will stand up to daily use. And if security’s a concern, you’ll want something that’s not going to be easy to break into.
  • Portable: Is it light and robust enough for travel? Ideally, it should be odor proof too, And in some states, if you’re travelling with your stash box, it needs to be lockable.
  • Value for money: At cheaper prices, you often have to compromise a little. So ask, what’s essential? And look for something that gives you all that at a price you can afford. (That said, though, sometimes it can be worth spending a little more now, just to avoid spending again later on a replacement.)

(For a few more details, check out the high-end stash box article. But since we already covered them there, we decided to keep it short this time around and focus on recommendations.)

Where to buy a stash box online

Thanks to the growing legality and social acceptance of cannabis, there’s no shortage of options. Everything from Amazon to the leading online head shops.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that Amazon (despite being a lobbyist for legalization) still has some strict regulations about listing paraphernalia on its store. So sometimes stash boxes are listed under categories you might not think of searching. And listings can change — something that was on there last week might have been delisted by today.

Which is why our recommendations below all link to other stores, or the original manufacturer where possible.

If you do a quick search, though, the box (or shipping) might well be cheaper on Amazon.

However, we wanted to avoid broken links, so that if one of our picks interests you, you’ll actually be able to check it out further when you click on the link.

Our Top 7 Budget Stash Boxes for Weed

What do we mean by budget? Under $50, for the most part. However, sometimes an extra ten bucks or so can be totally worth it. So while we’ve mostly stuck to lower price picks below, you’ll also find a few exceptions to that rule. Just to make sure we’re covering all your best options.

Best Large Wooden Stash Box with Rolling Tray: RAW Stash Box Bundle ($30)

Probably the best known smoking accessories brand around, it should come as no surprise that RAW makes a whole range of different cannabis storage solutions — its stash boxes range from about $20 to around $80. The best value for money though, we think, is the RAW Large Wood Stash Box.

Coming in at around $30, it’s simple, roomy, well-made and robust. Inside you’ll find various compartments to organize your stash. And for maximum use of space, the magnetically secured lid doubles as a built-in rolling tray.

A lock would make it ideal. But on a budget you can’t always have everything.

For maximum value for money, too, it’s worth searching out RAW stash box bundles. A number of RAW vendors sell the basic stash boxes but packed with a whole range of useful RAW accessories too, including papers, lighters, doob tubes, grinders.

Best Odor-Proof Travel Stash Case: RAW X Dank Locker CarryRAWl ($60)

RAW loves a bad pun as much as it loves making practical, affordable smoking accessories. Although an extra ten bucks, this travel carry-all lives up to both expectations.

Looking like a sports shoe bag on the outside, inside you’ll find four separate compartments to organize and protect your supplies, as well as a smell-proof foil pouch for your nugs. The outer case features double siliconized zippers, too, to further trap odors inside and even an integrated combination lock for added security.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper, simpler option, for around $30 RAW also sells a charcoal-filter lined toiletry bag style smokers pouch, with the same foil pouch inside. Available in half-ounce, one ounce or quarter pounder sizes.

Alternatively, for $49, StashLogix has a case that’s very similar to the Dank Locker but a bit smaller.

Best Small Everyday Carry Case: StashLogix Alma ($35)

Speaking of StashLogix, if you just want a small carry case for daily use on-the-go, the Alma is an excellent pick.

Resembling a handheld purse, with a hard shell to protect the contents, the Alma is carbon fiber lined to absorb odors, and features a mesh pocket inside along with 9 elastic loops to hold your doob tubes, vape pen, lighter, included metal poker tool and whatever else you need to carry.

Comes in three different colors, and with or without a shoulder strap. Strap loops can also be used for a carabiner.

Best Secret Stash Box with Lock: Hakuna Lockable Book Stash Box ($50)

A hollowed out book is a classic place to secretly store your stash. Just keep it tucked between your other books, hidden in plain sight.

These fake books, however, genuinely improve on a classic. (And not just because no real books get harmed.)

Inside the faux leather book cover exterior there’s a smell-proof, felt-lined metal safe. And for extra security, the whole thing’s lockable.

Comes with two keys and in a few different cover designs. And for a bargain extra twenty bucks they’ll also include a rolling bundle — comprising storage jar, grinder, papers, cones and hemp wicks.

Coolest Stash Box for Weed: Transylvanian Handmade Wooden Puzzle Box with Secret Lock ($30)

Available in a range of different colors, these hand carved and hand painted wooden puzzle boxes at first glance look like jewelry boxes.

But even if someone suspected your stash was inside, they’d have a Hell of a job opening the thing.

You see, the lock is hidden. The key too. And only by moving and sliding sections of the box in just the right order can you even reveal them both and finally open the lid.

Could be a little challenging when you’re super stoned… but otherwise a lot of fun.

Not so keen on the aesthetics of this one? You’ll find hundreds of other puzzle boxes of varying levels of difficulty on Etsy.

Best Lockable Stash Box Combo: Prymal Large Wooden Stash Box Set ($49.99)

Not too dissimilar to the RAW wooden stash box above, Prymal’s large wooden stash box has plenty of storage room, organizing dividers and a bamboo rolling tray.

But this one’s lockable. And also comes with a smell-proof mylar pouch, 4 piece grinder (with velvet carry bag and cleaning brush) and an odor-proof, airtight, UV resistant storage jar. Plus a replaceable Boveda 2-way humidity control pack to ensure maximum freshness and prevent dried out product.

And for one more touch of discretion: the logo’s only on the inside.

Best Airtight Metal Stash Box: Black Box Swag Gear Stash Box Combo ($49)

Finally, let’s round this article off with one last extra-secure, extra-sturdy pick.

Perfect if you’ve got curious kids in the house who like to examine and shake everything to see what’s inside, this large metal stash box from Swag Gear not only has two locks to keep them out, it’s also cushioned inside to ensure no breakages.

On top of that, it’s water and smell proof, airtight, and comes with an extra large odor proof storage jar, 4-piece titanium grinder, rolling tray and reusable smell proof bag to further absorb odors.

A few more compartments for other items would be handy, but that’s a minor complaint. The main point of this one is to be strong and secure — and it more than delivers on both fronts.

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