10 Best Weed Smoking Accessories

best weed smoking accessories

Smoking weed can more than just a hobby - it's a lifestyle to some, a way to fall asleep, a way to ease chronic pain, and more to plenty of productive people. And as any cannabis enthusiast knows, having the right weed smoking accessories can enhance your session and enjoyment. From pipes and bongs to rolling trays and dab rigs, there are many options for consuming your herb. Accessories have come a long way in terms of convenience and style. But how much do you know about these accessories and their origins? 

Weed smoking accessories help you consume your weed in different ways, such as pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and more, while other accessories, such as rolling trays and storage stations, make it more convenient to roll and store your weed. The right tools can improve your experience by making it smoother, cleaner, more efficient, and even more fun.

We'll take you on a journey through the evolution and innovation of smoking accessories and show you how to choose different ones for your style, their price range, and where to buy them. So grab your favorite strain and join us as we explore the fascinating world of smoking accessories. 

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The History Of Smoking Accessories

People have been smoking weed for thousands of years, but how did they do it? Smoking accessories' history is fascinating and full of creativity and innovation. Truly an inspiration for today's modern accessories. From ancient pipes and hookahs to modern vaporizers and dab rigs, cannabis enthusiasts have always found ways to enjoy their herb.

Weed Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories have reached new levels of innovation and quality in recent years. Vaporizers use heat to extract cannabinoids from cannabis without burning it. This produces a vapor that is cleaner and more potent than smoke. Dab rigs use torches or electric nails to heat up concentrates like wax or shatter. These deliver potent doses of THC that can fly you to the moon.

Smoking accessories have come a long way since the days of hot stones and tents. They reflect the evolution and diversity of cannabis culture over time. Whether you prefer pipes or vaporizers, bongs or dab rigs, there's a smoking accessory for you.

Types Of Weed Smoking Accessories

Smoking weed is not just a way to get high but also to express your personality and style. Many types of smoking accessories for weed can enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable. Here are some of the most communal and popular choices:


Starting with the basics - a lighter is essential for any weed smoker. Without it, you can't light up a joint, a blunt, a bowl, or a bong. 

Many kinds of lighters are available, from simple disposable ones to fancy refillable ones with cool designs and features. Some lighters even have built-in tools like scissors, pokers, or roach clips, while others come included in innovative StashLight – Doob Tubes. A good lighter should be reliable, easy to use, and fit your budget


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Bongs are water pipes that allow you to smoke weed by bubbling it through water before inhaling it. A good bong allows the water to cool down and filter out some tar and toxins from the smoke, making it smoother and less harsh on your lungs. 

Bongs come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and designs; some have percolators, ice catchers, diffusers, or other features that enhance their performance and aesthetics. If you want something sturdy, easy to take apart, clean, and with many awesome features, check out the Capsule Bong – simplicity at its best. 

Capsule Water Pipe

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An ashtray is a container that you use to dispose of the ashes from your smoked joints or blunts; it also prevents them from making a mess on your table or carpet. A highly recommended accessory for indoor blazing. But if you want something more travel friendly, we recommend checking out our Honest ashtray This ashtray is great for your home as well. Made from thick crystal glass, this modern ashtray comes with a lid so you can keep the ash from smelling up your house. 

The Ash Tray

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Pipes are the OG of smoking accessories that allow you to smoke weed by packing it into a bowl and lighting it with a lighter. You inhale through a mouthpiece at one end of the pipe and let the good vibes roll. Pipes are extremely portable and typically fit in your pocket or purse. Pipes usually have harsher hits then a bong but they are more convenient if you are on the go. 

Pipes come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs; some have carb holes, screens, or filters affecting airflow and function. Our Path Pipe is an excellent example of this while being discreet and travel-friendly. 

Path Pipe

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A grinder is another must-have accessory for weed smokers. It helps you break down your buds into smaller pieces that burn more evenly and efficiently.

A grinder may also let you collect kief, the potent resin that falls off the trichomes of your weed. You can sprinkle kief on top of your bowls or joints for an extra kick. Grinders come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and mechanisms. Some have multiple chambers and screens for separating kief from plant matter. When purchasing a grinder, I prefer one that doesn't have a separate kief catcher. I prefer my kief to be mixed in with my weed rather then having a pile of kief. 

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is a stoner's best friend when it comes to keeping your weed, papers, and other accessories organized. Say goodbye to those moments when your stash spills all over the couch or floor. An excellent rolling tray not only keeps things tidy but can also help you roll the perfect joint or blunt. 

Plus, our Rolling Tray & Storage Station is the perfect mixture of style and function for any discerning weed enthusiast.

Rolling Tray

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Joint Roller Machine

Joint rollers are not a pressing need but can indeed be a convenient smoking accessory for some. A joint roller machine is a device that helps you roll perfect joints every time without much effort or skill required. You just need to insert your paper and weed into the machine and turn a knob or pull a lever to produce a tight and even joint. If you plan on rolling often, just learn how to roll. It's something I've never forgotten and always adds a bit of calmness to the ritual. 

Rolling Paper

Rolling papers are like the trusty sidekick to your favorite herb - they may be thin sheets of paper, but boy, do they pack a punch. From different flavors and colors to materials like hemp and rice, there's a world of options out there. 

Not to mention, the right rolling paper can make all the difference in taste and burn rate, turning a good smoke into a great one. So don't underestimate the power of the paper!

Stash Storage

Weed stash storages like stash containers and jars are essential as a smoking accessory since they help preserve the quality and freshness of your cannabis. They also keep the smell inside, so you don't have to worry about anyone sniffing out your stash. 

Besides that, a good stash jar prevents moisture from building up and prevents any unwanted residues from entering. If you're missing one of these, we got your back with our honest silicone cap air-tight

Stash Jars that come in various colors to suit your style.


weed storage jar 

Vaporizers (For Dry Herb)

What truly sets us apart from the 70s are vaporizers, devices that heat up cannabis without burning it; they produce vapor instead of smoke. Vaporizing cannabis preserves more cannabinoids and terpenes than smoking; it also reduces the inhalation of carcinogens, the smell and taste of smoke, and the amount of cannabis needed to get high. 

Vaporizers come in different shapes, sizes, types, and prices; some are portable and battery-powered, and others are desktop and plug-in. Some vaporizers can handle both dry herbs and concentrate, while others specialize in one or the other.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs allow you to smoke concentrates (dabs) by heating them on a nail (usually made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic) with a torch or an electric coil. You inhale the vapor through a water chamber and a mouthpiece. Dabbing is a very potent way of consuming cannabis; it delivers high doses of THC and other cannabinoids in a single hit.

What Are The Prices Of Smoking Accessories?

Smoking accessories come in a wide range of prices depending on their quality, functionality, design, and brand. Including the above mentioned accessories. That said, here's a rough breakdown of the price range you can expect so you can plan a clear budget for your modern accessory needs:

  • Lighters: $1 - $50
  • Bongs: $10 - $500
  • Ashtrays: $5 - $100
  • Pipes: $5 - $300
  • Grinders: $10 - $100
  • Rolling trays: $5 - $50
  • Joint roller machines: $10 - $50
  • Stash Storage: $10 - $100
  • Vaporizers: $20 - $500
  • Dab rigs: $30 - $500

When choosing the right smoking accessories, budget is only one of the many factors to consider. Think about your:

  • Smoking frequency and quantity
  • Preferred style and method
  • The durability and maintenance of the accessories
  • Don't forget to also consider the availability and legality of the accessories before making your purchase, especially when it comes to Vaporizers and Dab rigs. Any electronic smoking accessories should always be bought from trusted sources. 

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    Ancient Smoking Methods

    A brief blast from the past is from one of the earliest recorded uses of smoking accessories was by the Scythians, a nomadic tribe that roamed Central Asia around 500 BC. They would burn cannabis seeds and flowers on hot stones and inhale the smoke through tubes or tents. This was probably a very intense way to get high, but not very convenient.

    As time went on, smoking accessories became more diverse and sophisticated. Pipes made of clay, wood, metal, or glass were used in different cultures worldwide. Some pipes had water chambers or filters to cool down and purify the smoke. These were called bongs or bubblers. Bongs are still famous today because they produce smooth hits that are easy on the lungs.

    Innovation Of Smoking Accessories Towards The '80s

    With the rise of cannabis culture in the 1960s and 1970s, smoking accessories became more mainstream across America and Europe. Head shops emerged as places where people could buy pipes, bongs, rolling papers, grinders, and other paraphernalia. 

    Some people also improvised their own smoking devices using household items like soda cans, apples, or water bottles. These were cheap and easy to make but not very healthy or efficient.


    We've come a long way from ancient hot stones to futuristic bongs and hand crafted rolling trays. There's now a whole universe of options for enjoying our beloved plant - bongs, pipes, rolling trays, and excellent storage stations. These accessories don't just make smoking more enjoyable; they also let us express our style and personality.