First Time Getting High, 10 Things To Know

First Time Getting High, 10 Things To Know

Everyone’s first time getting high can be a little different. When we talk about getting high we’re referring to smoking cannabis. Others may call it smoking herb, weed, pot, THC, or another term. Your first time smoking cannabis can be life changing in the best way. Cannabis saves so many people from pain, pain pills, anxiety, sleeping pills, sleepless nights, alcoholism, and many other disorders not to mention the pleasant affect it can have recreationally. Getting high recreationally is amazing for hikes, movies, camping, reading, painting, and many other activities. We've got 10 things you need to know for your first time getting high.  

Our goal is to get your mind and body ready so your experience getting high is the best possible experience. When we smoked our first bowl we hadn’t read something like this and I wish we had. An experience so spiritual and relaxing could go without a guide, but for many it can be a nervous experience at first. Our job is to make you as prepared as possible so that your first time getting high is immensely enjoyable. Please do so legally.  

How To Get High For the First Time

A great place to start is how. There are many ways to experience cannabis in today’s world, but there are a few that we think are the best to start with. 

  • Smoke a puff or two from a joint or doobie.
  • Smoke a small bowl out of a hand pipe, like a quarter of a bowl. Pack the bowl a quarter full so that it’s controlled. 
  • Consume a 5 Mg edible, nothing more. 

These are the best for several reasons:

  1. The high you’d get from all of these is going to be mellow(start with indica).
  2. Each way to consume cannabis is controllable. 
  3. You won’t get super stoned to where you feel anxious or paranoid. 

10 Things To Know Your First Time Getting High:

  1. Do it with friends or family. Having friendly company and vibes makes the experience much better. If you are friends with someone who has experienced getting high before that is even better. Remember, smoking cannabis can be a social activity. 
  2. If you’re nervous, wait till you feel more relaxed and ready. 
  3. If you experience paranoia or anxiety you will be okay. Cannabis will not kill you or harm you. 
  4. Buy your cannabis legally. Legal cannabis is tested. When you visit your local dispensary be sure to mention that this is your first time getting high. They will be able to suggest strains that are lower in THC concentration. 
  5. Smoke strains with THC concentration under 18% your first time smoking. 
  6. Indica tends to be a better type of cannabis to start with. It is more relaxing on your body and mind. Checkout this article to learn more about the differences between indica vs sativa
  7. You may not feel high the first time or the first hour after consuming. Edible’s can take up to 2 hours to take effect on a full stomach. Smoking weed does not always get you high the first time. It may take a few separate occasions for you to feel high. Don’t overdo it your first time. You will eventually get high after a few times smoking. 
  8. If you’re consuming edibles, do not take more than 5mg the first time. If you don’t feel it, take 5mg on a separate occasion again. If after two seperate times you still don’t feel it, on your third occasion you can up your dose to 10mg. We are looking out for you, we want this to be the best experience possible. 
  9. Do not smoke cannabis from a random source. Cannabis can be laced with other substances. This is dangerous. Buy legally. If you’re looking for a legal dispensary near you, try Weedmaps. If you’re in San Diego, check out these dispensaries
  10. Smoke or consume cannabis in a safe place. Camping, hikes, and your home can all be enjoyable places to smoke your first time. Make sure you are not driving until a few hours after smoking for your first time.

As you embark on your first time getting high remember that cannabis is safe to consume. Your journey with cannabis is crafted by you. For some, cannabis is an everyday thing. Getting high saves some from addiction, cancer, and other issues. For others getting high may just be recreational fun. No matter how you use cannabis to get high, your first experience is always something to remember. We hope we’ve prepared you now. Whether your first time is on the beach, in the forest, or at a house we wish you the best and most pleasant experience possible. Enjoy your first time getting high. Cheers!

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