The Secret To A Perfect Smoking Session: The Best Bong Bowls

best bong bowls for smoking weed

Picture this: you've got some top-shelf bud and the perfect bong. You're ready for a relaxing session, but something is wrong. Your trusty old bowl is dirty, clogged, and just not doing the job anymore. Don't let a bad bowl ruin your smoke sesh!

The right bong bowl can make or break your smoking session. As anyone knows, the right equipment is crucial. So, let's explore what makes a good bong bowl and how to find the perfect bong bowl to elevate your next sesh.

The best bong bowls are made of high-quality materials, have a good airflow design, and fit securely in your bong. Investing in a quality and durable bong bowl can elevate your smoking experience to the next level by providing a clean, even burn, and smooth hit – every time.

stainless steel bong bowl packed with weed

Don't let a bad bowl ruin your buzz. Choosing the right bong bowl means considering the material, size, and shape of your slide. Whether you prefer ceramic, glass, or titanium, bong bowls can make a difference in the flavor, quality, and durability of your sesh. So, if you want to find a new bowl buddy to blaze with, keep reading to learn what to look for.

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Getting To Know Your Bong Bowls

Bong bowls have a long and rich history spanning different cultures and continents. The earliest evidence of bong bowls dates back to ancient Africa and Asia, where people used bamboo, wood, or metal pipes to smoke cannabis and other herbs. The word "bong" itself comes from the Thai word "baung," which refers to a cylindrical bamboo tube.

A bong bowl is a small container holding your ground herb and attaches to your bong's joint. You light up your bud, and the smoke travels through the bowl, downstream, into the water chamber, and then up the bong's neck. And as most of us already know, the smoke is cooled and filtered by passing through water, making it smoother on your throat and lungs.

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But the best bong bowls also come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and styles to suit your preferences and needs. Some of the most common types of materials bong bowls are made out of are:

  • Glass: Most bong bowls are made of glass because of their excellent flavor and smoke quality. There are many colors and designs to choose from, and transparent glass makes it easy to monitor bud and resin buildup. However, glass is fragile and can easily break if dropped or mishandled.
  • Metal: Durable and sturdy, metal is arguably the best material for bong bowls that can withstand high temperatures and impacts. Metal bowls are usually cheap and easy to find. However, metal can also affect the taste of your smoke and may rust or corrode over time unless it's a stainless steel bowl piece.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is a material that can produce superior flavor and smoothness in your bong hits. Ceramic bowls are often handmade and come in various shapes and designs. However, ceramic is also brittle and can crack or chip if dropped or exposed to sudden temperature changes.
  • Silicone: Silicone is a material that is super durable and flexible. Silicone bowls are ideal for traveling or outdoor use because they are virtually indestructible. Silicone bowls are also easy to clean and come in many colors. Still, silicone may not be as heat resistant as other materials and may melt or burn if exposed to direct flame – hence why they usually come with either metal or glass inner bowls.

bong bowl that is unbreakable

Different Styles Of Bong Bowls

Bong bowls are a crucial component of any water pipe setup, and they come in a wide range of styles to fit your smoking preferences. From classic glass bowls to intricate ceramic designs, there are plenty of creative trends online. Some bowls even come with built-in screens or ash catchers to make cleaning up a breeze. 

But knowing some of the most common styles of bong bowls will help get you one more step closer to the ideal hit for the more sophisticated toker. That said, the following are some of the most commonly found styles of bong bowls, each with unique qualities and uses. 

Martini Bowl

Martini bowls have a cone-shaped design that resembles a martini glass. It can hold a large amount of bud and burn it evenly. It usually has a handle or a pinch for easy removal and safety.

Funnel Bowl

A funnel bowl has a cylindrical design that narrows at the bottom. It can also hold a lot of weed and provide a consistent burn. It often has a handle or a pinch as well.

Screen Bowl

Screen bowls have a built-in glass screen that prevents ash and herb from falling into your bong. It also allows for better airflow and smoother hits. It usually has a handle or a pinch too.


An octobowl has six glass arms that act as screens and prevent clogging while allowing smooth airflow. It also has an angled rim that keeps your herb in place.

Snapper Bowl

Snapper bowls have a narrow opening that limits the amount of herb you can pack but ensures an intense hit with minimal waste. It also has an inverted cone shape that helps retain heat.

Stainless Steel Bong Bowls

Stainless steel bong bowls are the best choice for smoking enthusiasts due to their durability, precision, and reliability. These premium bowl pieces are made from solid stainless steel, making them unbreakable and backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Stainless Steel Bowl

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Our stainless steel bowl piece hit the right spot. This is our own product that we believe is one of the best bong bowls on the market. It is made of solid stainless steel, which makes it unbreakable and guaranteed for life. 

The thick stainless bowl provides even heat distribution for an even burn and keeps the heat inside the bowl while the rim remains cool to the touch. It also has an extra wide rim that eliminates spilled weed and a polished stainless finish that cleans up beautifully. This bowl is compatible with any 14mm female jointed bong and comes in various colors to match your style.

Themed Bowl

A themed bowl is any bowl that has a unique shape or design that reflects your personality or interests. For example, you can find bowls shaped like animals, fruits, characters, objects, and more.

Different Bong Bowl Sizes And How To Measure Them

Bong bowls come in different sizes that correspond to the joint size of your bong. The joint size is the diameter of the opening where you insert your bowl into your bong. Most bongs have either a 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female joint, which means they need a male bowl of the same size. You can measure your joint size with a ruler or use an online joint size guide to find out what size you need.

The most common bong bowl sizes are:

  • 10mm: This is the smallest size you can get for your bong bowls. Commonly referred to as nano and mini bowls, these bowls are perfect for small water pipes and pendant dab rigs and are typically used for legal concentrates. They can hold a small amount of weed and provide quick and potent hits.
  • 14mm: This is the most common size of bong bowl. They can hold moderate bud and provide smooth and satisfying hits. You can find a wide variety of styles and designs for this size.
  • 18mm: This is the largest size of the bong bowl. They are also known as king-size or jumbo bowls. They can hold a large quantity of herb and provide massive and powerful hits.

You can use a dime as a reference point to measure your bong bowl size. A dime is about 18mm in diameter, so if your bowl is smaller than a dime, it is probably a 10 or 14mm bowl.

best bong bowls for any budget

Choosing A Bong Bowl: What to Look for and Why It Matters

Your bong bowl is more than just a place to pack your herb. It's a crucial component that can enhance or ruin your smoking session. Choose a bowl that fits your bong and your smoking style to get the most out of your bong. With that in mind, here are four key factors to look for when choosing a bong bowl.

Compatibility: First, check if the bowl fits your bong's joint size and type. The joint size is the diameter of the opening where you insert your bowl into your bong. Most bongs have either a 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm female joint, which means they need a male bowl of the same size. 

You can measure your joint size with a ruler or use an online joint size guide to find out what size you need. The joint type is either male or female, depending on whether it sticks out or goes in. You need to match it with the opposite type of bowl.

Thickness: The next thing you must consider is how thick and sturdy your bowl is. A thicker bowl can help prevent breakage and retain heat longer, which means more consistent and efficient hits. A thinner bowl may be cheaper and lighter, but it cracks or shatters easily and loses heat faster.

Cleanliness: You also need to look for how easy cleaning and maintaining your bowl is. A dirty bowl can affect the taste and quality of your smoke and may also clog up your bong. You want a bowl that doesn't accumulate resin buildup quickly and can be cleaned with simple methods like boiling water, alcohol, or salt.

Preference: Finally, consider your smoking preferences and choose a bowl that suits your style. 

  • Do you like big or small hits? 
  • Do you smoke alone or with friends? 
  • Do you care about aesthetics or functionality?

With these questions, you can help narrow your options among different bowls, such as funnel bowls, screen bowls, snapper bowls, and themed bowls.

Accessories And Add-Ons For Enhanced Smoking

For those who like things a bit more crafty – know that your bong bowl can be more than just an essential piece. Some love to customize and enhance their bong bowl with various accessories and add-ons to make their smoking experience more enjoyable and efficient. The most common accessories for the best bong bowls include:

  • Ash catchers: Ash catchers are attachments that go between your bowl and your bong's joint. They catch any ash or remnants that falls from your bowl and prevent them from entering your bong. This keeps your bong cleaner and extends the life of your bowl.
  • Percolators: These devices go inside your bong's water chamber or attach to your downstem. They create bubbles that filter the smoke for a smoother and cooler hit. Many types of percolators exist, such as trees, honeycombs, showerheads, etc.
  • Adapters: Adapters are connectors that allow you to use different bowl sizes or types with your bong. For example, you can use an adapter to switch from a 14mm male bowl to an 18mm female bowl or from a glass bowl to a metal bowl.

Whether you want to improve the functionality or aesthetics of your bong bowl, there are plenty of accessories and add-ons to choose from. You can mix and match different accessories to create your own unique setup.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Bong Bowl

Your bong bowl deserves some TLC to keep it in top shape. A clean bowl will give you better flavor, smoother hits, and longer life. Here's how to clean and maintain your bong bowl like a pro.

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  • Dump out any ash or cannabis that's left in your bowl after each session. This will prevent clogging and make cleaning more effortless later on.
  • If you're using a glass bowl, soak your bowl in a glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol for at least 15 minutes. This will loosen up any resin or gunk stuck in your bowl.
  • Use cotton swabs or pipe cleaners to gently scrub away any remaining residue from your bowl. Pay attention to any crevices or details that may be hard to reach.
  • Rinse your bowl well with warm water and dry it thoroughly with a paper towel or cloth. Ensure no moisture is left in your bowl before using it again.
  • Clean your bowl regularly, at least once a week, or more often if you smoke frequently. This will keep your bowl shiny and smooth and enhance your smoking experience.


Choosing the perfect bong bowl is more than just a smoking accessory - it's a statement. A high-quality bowl made of durable materials and designed with optimal airflow enhances your smoking experience and adds elegance to your collection. From glass to metal, ceramic to silicone, there's a bong bowl material and style for every smoker.

Stainless Steel Bowl

SALE $49.99