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Our Story

Modern discreet smoking pipe accessories

How It Began

As smokers ourselves, growing up and becoming adults gave us insight into so much. Dirty bongs and smelly hand pipes became issues. They were constantly looked down upon as “Stoner” products. As this market grows, more and more people of all legal ages will begin using cannabis, and using it more openly. Products need to better fit the person using them. And they didn't fit us. 

 Where It Started

As young adults we never felt great smoking out of something that would label us as potheads”. We wanted to smoke out of something that gave us an elevated feel, something that when people saw it they would ask about it, rather then look down at it. This is where Smoke Honest started. We needed something to smoke out of that we weren't ashamed of, we needed modern smoking accessories, and we wanted to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We grew up in California. As you can imagine and might know, our lives move fast. We needed to create products that can come along with us on any adventure, whether it be the beach or the mountains. 

 Quality Means Everything

We began drawing, designing, and editing until we felt we had the perfect design. A product designed to be used by the elevated user, someone who is successful, who enjoys life, who is on the go and always busy whether it be with work or outdoor activities. We crafted our brand to be held to a higher standard. We've worked tirelessly to give you the best product we possibly can. We know there are more smoking accessories that you need created, and we know we can improve on our current products. We welcome feedback and suggestions, as we are always working to bring you the most well designed and functional products in this market. 

 Join Us

Our product line is growing, and we would like to welcome you to join us as we continue to innovate and bring you products that will change the way you use cannabis, modernize how you consume it, and elevate the way you feel.