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March 11, 2021

Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself to something a little extra, something luxurious.

So get rid of your old smoking accessories. If you’re not cleaning them properly anyway, you’re only risking your health from the buildup of residues and bacteria. And you definitely don’t want that.

We made this list of luxury smoking accessories for you. These can be the perfect gifts to yourself or a special someone.

1.Smoke Honest The Essential Bundle — $225.00

This luxury bundle has everything that you need — The Stashlight, The Path Pipe, and The Capsule Water Pipe.

The Stashlight is a lighter that also doubles as a doob tube, while The Path Pipe functions as a discreet coughless pipe. It cools and filters the smoke as it winds through the pipe’s winding smoke path.

This luxury bundle also includes The Capsule Water Pipe. Similar to bongs, the water cools and filters the smoke, but what makes this extra special is it functions as an all-in-one smoking accessory. It will soon have add-on features like an herb grinder, ashtray, etc., all of which are stackable together

PROS: Contains three innovative smoking accessories, comes with a free stainless bowl piece, reasonably priced.

CONS: Freebie is only for the first 100 orders (so get yours now!).

2.Devambez Three Imperials Rolling Papers — $225.00

If you prefer rolling your own joint, why not splurge on these organic rolling papers?

These are ultra-thin papers, so you’d be enjoying more weed than paper. The papers are made from organically-grown hemp cultivated in France, so you can expect an even burn.

PROS: Rolling paper made from organic hemp, contains 32 rolling papers, even burn.

CONS:Pretty costly

3.Elevate Accessories Colfax Dugout Kit — $75.00

One look at this dugout kit and you know it reeks of luxury. This handcrafted smoking accessory is truly impressive with its sleek, rich, natural wooden finish. Made with premium-quality wood and glass, you know that this dugout kit is built to last.

This classy dugout kit also comes with a pipe, which you can upgrade to a mini hitter.

PROS: Elegant design, comes with a pipe that’s upgradable to a mini hitter, comes in different varieties.

CONS:Magnetic lid sometimes easily comes apart.

4.GRAV Clear Coil Showerhead Water Pipe — $179.99

The smoke GRAV’s water pipe produces is truly luxurious. The smoke gets filtered by the water pipe’s coil percolator and its showerhead downstem, giving you a creamier, smoother, cooler, and cleaner toke. The smoke hits hard, so be prepared.

This device comes with a funnel bowl and works best for flowers.

PROS: Clean and smooth smoke, premium quality, durable, and sturdy.

CONS:Pretty hefty.

5.S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme — $245.00

You won’t be able to enjoy weed if you don’t have something to light it up, and this S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme is what you need.

It’s made with high-precision injected metal protected by a matte black jacket for an elegant finish. It also boasts of intuitive ergonomics, allowing you a better grip.

Its blue torch flame is pretty strong and can withstand even the most violent of winds or the coldest of temperatures.

PROS: Windproof blue torch flame, intuitive ergonomics, comes in different colors.

CONS: It’s a bit difficult to put the lighter inside the jacket.


These are the 5 Luxury Smoking Accessories we like to splurge on.