How To Travel With Your Stash and Gear

How To Travel With Your Stash and Gear

It’s not always easy to bring your favorite glass piece on the go. Whether it’s the fear of breaking or the anxiety of discretion, many of us psych ourselves out of enjoying our seshes on vacation. Typically, the only bongs deemed “travel safe” are of the fully silicone variety (and nearly impossible to clean), but let’s be Honest — it’s just not the same. 

How To Travel With Your Stash and Gear

Best Bong To Travel With

The Capsule Water Pipe is the perfect companion to your cup holder (or your carry on) so you never have to compromise on your high — no matter where you go. The pipe’s borosilicate glass is fitted with a silicone boot and an anodized aluminum lid for an ultra-durable (and conveniently magnetic) piece. Its built-in poker ensures you have everything you need to pack and debowl at your leisure. 

Travel bong

The Capsule is commonly known as the best travel bong. To pack, just disassemble the bong and place the mouthpiece inside the base, then screw on the top while placing the downstem directly into the mouthpiece. Top it with the silicone boot for fully portable and totally safe transportation. If you’re packing it into your suitcase, roll it in a hoodie for a little extra cushion. 

Capsule Water Pipe

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This mobility also makes it super easy to clean: just pack it in the same way and pour in some coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol — which are always easy to find at the closest drugstore — and shake (then rinse) until it sparkles; you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to open up a stale-smelling suitcase upon arrival. 

Stash and Light While Traveling

Now that you have your piece, you’ll need to find a way to bring your bud. Though it will take a minute on the back end, traveling with pre-ground bud is a great way to avoid bringing your grinder — a big hunk of metal that has the possibility to arouse suspicion — and to make your sesh more efficient at your final destination. Pop it in a travel sized pill bottle and stick it with your other toiletries. 

Your smoking accessories, though, might be the most important part of trying to travel with your ritual. Nothing kills the vibe quicker than having to run to the local Walgreens for a Bic once you’ve just gotten everything unpacked. Honest’s Stashlight, a refillable lighter with its own doob tube, is a great way to make sure you always have a light while also bringing a joint (or a pre-roll, for the non-rolling-inclined) to enjoy with the whole crew. 

joint storage

You’ll also need to make sure you’re not stinking up the place for the rest of your vacation guests. A personal air filter is essential if you’re trying to be discreet. We love a Sploofy, but the DIY method of shoving dryer sheets into an empty toilet paper roll will do if you’re desperate — just try to pick the room with a window. 

Something I almost always overlook until I need it most is a viable ashtray. Flushing it down the toilet or sink leads to resin-stained porcelain, while knocking it into a potted plant is just plain inconsiderate. But not just any vessel will do: you need to keep your ash from blowing, spilling, or just plain stinking. This glass ashtray with its pop-of-color silicone lid is a great way to make sure your sesh (and the evidence) stays easy to clean when you’re ready and aesthetically pleasing when you’re not. 

travel ashtray

An air freshener is of the essence if you’re trying to hide your habit. Though Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface spray in the AirBnb under-the-sink cabinet will do in a pinch, your best bet is an essential oil spray to absorb smoke molecules and keep your space fresh, but not overly flowery. 

Remember: rituals are better when you care for them. You don’t have to compromise on your toke just because the world is afraid of weed — just be considerate.