How to Style a Cannabis Bar Cart

weed bar cart

The bar cart has become a staple for the modern apartment: a DIY-ified, elevated solution to the lack of built-ins available in the average rent bracket. 

Besides stocking it with essential liquors and stray cocktail glasses from thrift store finds and graduation presents, you’ll also need accessories like bottle openers and maraschino cherries (the good kind). 

A cannabis cart is exactly the same — while the herb itself is clearly the most essential component, you’ll be lost without all the extra ingredients that turn a stash bag into a full-on bar cart. 

If you’ve never ventured into the cannabis accessories territory before, now might be the perfect time — many are turning away from alcohol as their vice of choice, and instead using plant medicine like psychedelics and our personal favorite, cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. 

Whether or not you smoke yourself, removing the stigma starts at home — and offering your guests a choice to abstain from alcohol without just sipping on seltzer water is a wonderful way to make your place a welcoming space for all. 

There are a few essential categories you’ll need to cover to ensure your guests can consume however they choose. 

Just like you cover the most common categories like vodka, tequila, gin, rum, and whiskey on the bar, you’ll want to balance your strains not only between sativas, hybrids, and indicas (though you’ll likely want to reserve this option for late-night hangs), you’ll also want to offer an array of terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds primarily responsible for your smoking experience, from the smell of your bud to the effects after you smoke. Consider an energizing terpene like the citrus-scented limonene for vibrant garden parties and the rich black pepper notes of caryophyllene for intimate dinner parties. 

Cannabis Bar Cart Essentials

Now that you have the basics covered, it’s time to consider the methods of consumption. 

cannabis bar cart

For glass lovers, there’s nothing a beautiful bong to be the centerpiece of your collection. The Capsule Water Pipe is an especially elegant choice for your house bong. With base options of carbon black and shiny platinum and caps in coral, forest green, sky blue, and smoky gray, you can fully customize your capsule to match your decor and your mood. With a built-in bowl poker and magnetic lid to never lose your lighter again, the Capsule is all you need for the perfect hit. 

cannabis bar cart

A pipe is a more mobile choice than a bong to pass around the room when your party is a bit more bumping. Glass, however, can be a recipe for breakable disaster at a crowded party in terms of safety for both your guests and your piece. This makes The Path Pipe an essential accessory for mobility, functionality, and of course beauty. The Path Pipe is also unique to the traditional glass piece thanks to the extra long, maze-like pathway inside to cool smoke and reduce harshness. With a well engineered sliding lid, slide up and completely cover your bud as you pass to ensure no spillage. 

rolling tray with weed

The rolling station is the final necessity for those of your guests who prefer their flower rolled, not packed. Whether you choose to stock up with papers or cones for the rolling-impaired, you’ll need an elegant spot to pack up without getting sticky bud all over your countertops. Honest’s walnut Rolling Tray & Storage Station is an elegant way to not only prepare your joint, but to keep extras — and your lighter — ready whenever you need them. 

Besides the methods of consumption, there’s one more level to the cannabis bar cart: necessary accessories. 

weed lighter and ashtray for barcart

The most important accessory is the lighter. Why disrupt your aesthetically pleasing setup for a basic Bic? The Stashlight is a refillable, and totally sleek, way to light up. Better yet, the stashlight is also a smell proof doob tube, meaning you have everything you need within a hand’s reach whenever you decide to light up. 

ashtray for barcart

Finally, the ashtray: a humble, yet endlessly important part of the process. Save your poor potted plants and sink drains from gunky ash and keep it neat with an option you can save from the wind like Honest’s Ashtray offering. Pick your favorite silicone boot to complement your Capsule Water Pipe and ensure your guests have an elevated experience free of shame, stigma, or, most importantly, shabbiness.