6 Modern Smoking Products You Must Own

Modern Discreet smoking accessories

 We've tried and tested so many products in the Cannabis accessory space. These are some of our favorites. 


Product: Resolution Gel Glass and Pipe Cleaner

Description: Resolution makes the best glass and pipe cleaning products on the market. As any frequent smoker knows, your bong or pipe can get very dirty after several uses. The smell from the resin caked pipes can be horrendous. Resolution offers all the tools and supplies to make your glass or pipe feel like new. They offer bong and pipe cleaning kits with res caps and gel to make cleaning your glass or pipe quick and easy. Additionally, their resolution gel comes in a resealable pouch so it can be taken on the go. This is a must have for all smokers who use any metal or glass device to smoke.

CompanySmoke Trap

Product: Smoke Trap Filter

Description: The Smoke Trap is the perfect device to hide and conceal the smell of smoke. With its dual action HEPA and carbon filter, the smoke trap absorbs the smell of smoke as you blow into it. For those who smoke indoors or in places where it is not always acceptable to smoke, this discreet smoking device is a perfect fit to hide the smell of your smoke. Its sleek and modern design make it easy hide or fit in with other objects. If you have to hide the smell of smoke from your parents, roommates, or others this is the perfect device for you. Additionally, at only 3 ounces it’s small enough to fit in your pocket making it the perfect on the go smoking device.

CompanyVessel Brand

Products: Vessel Vape Pens

Description: Vessel is the creator of high-end luxury vape pens. They offer three series of pens, the Expedition, Wood, and Style series. Each series offers a unique design that is ultra-sleek and visually pleasing. Powered by a high-quality 240mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the pen is long lasting, making it the perfect on-the-go smoking device. With its polished and contemporary feel, the Vessel Pen is one you will want to show off to your friends.

CompanyBurn Bud

Product: Burn Bud

Description: The Burn Bud is your all-in-one smoking device. A premium device that offers six features in one. Combining a herb dispenser, grinder, lighter holder, herb storage, packing piston, and bottle opener, the Burn Bud has everything you need to have the perfect smoking experience. This all in one smoking accessory can hold your herb, grind it, pack it into a bowl or joint, and then light it. For those who are always losing their smoking accessories this product is perfect. Additionally, it is lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket making it the perfect smoking accessory to travel with. As one product reviewer said, “Perfect for days out on the go”. Go get your Burn Bud now and never worry about losing your smoking accessories again.

CompanyHerb Ripper

Product: The Ripper

Description: The Herb Ripper creates premium grinders. With a strong magnetized lid, razor sharp teeth, removable sifting screen, and a pollen catcher with a ball bearing and scraper, this grinder is designed to be the best grinder on the market. Made of 100% stainless steel it’s designed for a better grip, rip, and grind than other grinders. This tough and durable grinder will last a lifetime and is perfect to bring on the go.

CompanyRob Rodney

Product: Rob Rodney Bags

Description: Rob Rodney bags are the safest, most luxurious, and customizable cannabis bags on the market. Think of a Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag but for cannabis. This modern smoking accessory will make you look sleek and stylish during your next smoke sesh. The bag offers 100% genuine leather, airtight bamboo-lid jars, and two interior bags magnetically connected among other features. One of its best features is an integrated combination lock provides security and ease of mind that your smoking supplies will always be safely locked away. This is the perfect travel bag for smokers who are on the go. Additionally, its discreet yet stylish look allows the bag to portray as just a simple handbag or purse.



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