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Capsule Water Pipe (PRE-ORDER)


Attention: The Capsule System is now available for pre-order at 33% OFF. Reserve your kit now- limited quantities available. Estimated Shipping date- July 2020

Introducing the Capsule water pipe. Minimal design with maximum functionality.

We set out to design a water pipe that looked good enough to earn a spot in our home- a bong that we wouldn't want to hide. The capsule system is elegant in design, and offers a variety of features you won't find anywhere else.

The whole system comes apart for easy cleaning and convenient storage. For storage or travel, the kit packs up neatly inside of itself. All the parts are dishwasher safe.  There's also a magnet integrated into the lid to hold your lighter.

The system is made from shatter-resistant borisilicate glass, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum making it extremely durable.  But, accidents can happen, and the modular design means that if a glass part does ever break you can replace just that one part, saving you money and getting your favorite smoking kit back in action.

Alongside the water pipe are the other accessories that complete the capsule system. Storage containers, ash tray, herb grinder, and more all stack and pack to create a self contained all-in-one smoking solution. (a suite of accessories and add-on items coming soon)

The optional swing out base makes a great place to store your herb, or use as a discreet ash tray. The optional 3 part storage container kit can be used to keep your herbs and accessories all in one convenient kit. The whole water pipe also fits into the 3 stacked containers for an ultra discreet setup, or for an unbreakable travel case.

This modular system is designed to be ultra customizable to fit your individual needs, and we have more accessories on the way.