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February 24, 2021

2021's Coolest Bongs 

Celebrate 2021 with these crazy, cool bongs. Their quirky, unique designs will make you a proud owner, but more than just their creative style though, they’re also functional and offer smooth, cooler hits.

We searched the net for the craziest and coolest bongs with extra features, and this is our list for you.

1.“Dino Time” Dinosaur-Themed Water Pipe $184.00

With its dinosaur shape, this water pipe is a fun piece to own. It’s just as functional as well, producing smooth, cool, potent hits.

Standing at 8.5 inches, “Dino Time” comes in a variety of colors including clear, green, blue, purple, amber, and a whole lot more. It also comes with a free bowl.

PROS: Creative dinosaur design, different colors, built-in downstem, durable, can be used for dry herbs and concentrates.

CONS:Hard to clean.

2.Capsule Water Pipe — $150.00

This capsule water pipe may not have the craziest design, but it’s one of our top choices for the coolest bongs in 2021. It’s pretty compact, with all pieces fitting inside the chamber when you disassemble the system for storage.

Another cool feature that caught our attention is it is pretty customizable. You can add accessories (which the creators will roll out soon) like an herb grinder to personalize this nifty water pipe. The accessories can all stack together into an all-in-one smoking device.

PROS: Sleek design, compact, portable, durable, customizable, easy to clean. Dishwasher Safe

CONS:Simple design.

3.Indonesian Hand-Carved Bamboo Bong — $179.99

If you are after a rustic, ethnic feel, then you’ll love this Indonesian Hand-Carved Bamboo Bong. With a height of 16 inches and a flared mouthpiece, you’re assured of smooth pulls without the backsplash.

It also has a deep bowl that allows more weed in. The depth is just right for the flavors to blend in, so you can savor your weed longer.

PROS:Different ethnic designs, deep bowl, removable downstem, flared mouthpiece, easy to clean.

CONS:Using hot water strips the water pipe’s lining.

4.Machine Gun Bong — $328.04

Now, this is one unique bong perfect for gun lovers. This 20-inch Machine Gun Bong is shaped like an assault rifle, with the muzzle serving as the mouthpiece and the stock as the water chamber.

Its magazine and pistol grip make it easier for you to grip the bong and prevent it from dropping. So if you’re pretty clumsy, then this one’s definitely for you.

PROS: Comes with a matching bowl piece, extra grips to prevent dropping, durable.

CONS: Pretty expensive.

5.Star Wars Darth Vader Bong — $89.99

If you live and breathe Star Wars, then this cool bong deserves a home in yours. The design may resemble a regular bong, but its unique features make up for its simplicity. This water pipe has a percolator shaped like a showerhead, ensuring you smoother and cooler tokes.

This bong stands at a height of 20 cm with male joint type of 10 mm.

PROS: Showerhead percolator, sturdy and durable, Star Wars theme.

CONS:The design is a bit simple.