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Modern Discreet Joint Holder, Doob Tube, Metal Lighter

stashlight doobtube Joint Case lighters metal
The Idea behind the Modern Discreet Joint Holder, Doob Tube, and Metal Lighter

New weed gadgets and cannabis accessories are coming out everyday. Our goal at Smoke Honest is to be on the frontline of product creation. We are innovators at heart, looking at every aspect of a product to see how we can make it better. For years we’ve been smoking joints and have always had the issue with carrying joints on the go. Traveling with a joint is never easy. Joints can get bent, folded, and break open. Pant pockets, jacket pockets, backpacks, and bags are all common cases for a joint in today’s world. But there has to be something better, something specifically suited to hold a joint, like our new joint holder, The Stashlight. Modern Discreet Joint Holder, Doob Tube and metal ligher

The Stashlight

The Stashlight is not just a joint holder. The Stashlight doubles as a lighter. We want to make your life simpler. Now you only have to carry one small doob tube wherever you are going. The perfect weed gadget for any hike, trip, or car drive. The Stashlight's lighter gadget uses lighter fluid which can be commonly found at any hardware or grocery store. This lighters metal, so it's very strong and sturdy and won't break. The lighter portion is very similar to a Zippo lighter, allowing you to smoke even if it’s windy. Smoke on the go.

Joint Holders

Joint holders are usually plastic and disposable. They are not typically discreet. We wanted to create a joint holder case that you could take anywhere without anybody knowing what it was. Black and silver, our joint holders are not clear, so nobody can see the contents of what is inside. Doob tubes that are given to customers buying prerolls can immediately be replaced by a metal multi use tool that enables you to store your joint or blunt and light it. 

Doob Tubes 

Doob tubes might be slightly smell proof, but the Stashlight is an entirely different beast. Made out of aircraft grade aluminum, the Stashlight is able to prevent almost all of the smell from escaping the joint holder. Most people won’t be able to smell anything even if the Stashlight is directly under their nose. 


  • Holds joints up to 3.2" (83mm) long (1-1/4 size cones/pre-rolls)
  • Self contained wind-resistant refillable flint lighter
  • Slim portable size
  • Lighters metal
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Air-tight, water-proof, smell-proof
  • Includes removable key ring loop for your convenience

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