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December 29, 2020

modern smoking accessories

We know that there are several stereotypes about smoking you want to avoid if you're new to the cannabis community. Mainly, you don't want to look like a cliché, Rastafarian-hat-wearing cartoon character – swollen eyes bloodshot, drooping, and glassy like you haven't slept in days.

It's not the look we like to go for when we smoke responsibly, so we hope it's not the impression you want to make either!

Maybe the George Clinton Funkadelic look is more your thing, but nowadays, there's an entirely different sub-culture: smoking with a minimalist style, discreetly and at your pleasure.

The modern smoking experience involves so much more than merely getting a buzz with a few close friends. It's about breaking through cultural and social boundaries, stepping away from the old-school Hippie stoner mindset, and into the 21st century. 

The challenge is finding pipes and accessories that don't reinforce tired, worn-out stereotypes to sell more products.

When you're looking for new smoking gear, here are the top three questions we want you to consider before purchasing.

1 - Is cleaning the pipe easy?

Any experienced smoker has horror stories about a pipe that worked great initially, but after a month became a hassle to enjoy. Glass-blown, custom pipes notoriously lack functionality even though they may look cool.

A standard water pipe will collect resin stains in the water chamber and need regular cleaning. It’s never easy to clean if the product has an odd shape, texture, or features multiple cooling compartments, and makes matters worse, 

At the very least, modern smoking accessories should make cleaning the gear comfortable without chemical cleansers that could leave behind harmful residue that you definitely don't want to inhale!

2 – Is the product discreet?

In our experience, high-quality smoking equipment doesn't stand out and make a scene anymore. The best make the smoking experience more pleasurable and relaxing discreetly.

The perception of smokers as bad boys and bad girls is gradually fading away. Still, there's plenty of room for change, and it's coming fast.

Certain smoking accessories are so discreet that you'd never know that it's an accessory at all unless someone told you. If you choose high-quality stainless steel equipment, for instance, your guests might not even notice if you accidentally leave your piece lying on the coffee table.

3 – Can you use it without coughing your lungs out?

One of the biggest complaints from first-time smokers is the coughing that inevitably happens after a big draw.

Certainly, we cough because we're inhaling smoke, but we don't need to cough as much or as often. The days of gasping for air if you accidentally draw too much smoke is over.

It's a little known fact that the temperature of fresh smoke is what makes us cough most, so it's ideal to find the smoking gear that cools it in some type of way. A water pipe is a safe choice for beginners, but you could get the same effect from a high-quality pipe made of aluminum or another stain-resistant metal.

These days, stereotypes about smokers and smoking gear, in particular, are fading fast. We hope these three questions help you find the perfect smoking accessories you need for a modern smoking experience.