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December 16, 2019

Path Pipe or Genius Pipe 

Although the two discrete pipes may look similar they are very different. We are going to break down some simple difference to help you better evaluate which smoking pipe you think is best. So which will you choose? The Path Pipe or the Genius Pipe. Hopefully this helps. 

Pipe Comparison

Path Pipe

Genius Pipe

5 Inches Long, Half the Weight of Genius Pipe

6 Inches Long, Twice as Heavy

Full Standard Size Bowl

Replaceable Screens Used as Bowl 

Path Filtration 

Golf Ball Filtration

Carb to Control Smoke Volume

No Carb

Debowling Tool Built in 

No Tool to Debowl

Warren Bobrow talked about the Path Pipe in  Forbes ”The draw is smooth and aromatic with wonderful airflow. There is a certain richness that allows the user to really taste the qualities of the strain. This is a pipe that will last you for years. It's a durable beast as well. I dropped mine on a brick driveway and it didn't damage it at all. Tough as the material from which it was cast. This is a fine pipe. I dig it.” 


The Differences

As a bias writer, and the owner of Smoke Honest, I am not one to talk bad about any other product in our space. I personally enjoy the Genius Pipe, I think it’s a wonderful pipe. However, I think everyone has a decision to make and I want you to be armed with the most accurate information possible. 

The  Path Pipe has a deeper bowl, enabling you to pack large bowls. The discrete pipe also has a carb, like most hand pipes. The carb is crucial to controlling your hit and the volume of smoke you desire. Lastly, the Path Pipe contains a built in debowler tool. This debowler is fitted into the top right portion of the hand pipe. You’re able to pull it out, and debowl any leftover ash and herb from the bowl. You never have to bang your pipe again. 

Both the Genius Pipe and the  Path Pipe are made from sturdy materials. Both virtually unbreakable. Unlike glass, both smoking pipes can be dropped, stepped on, and fall out of your pocket without breaking. What a concept, never having to worry about glass breaking again. Crazy huh. 

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a quote from  Forbes writer Warren Bobrow, “You don't have to be a Genius to know this market has some viable contenders to this end. But the Honest Pipe seems to do it one better. The path is deeper that the competition. I find that the Genius Pipe doesn't have a deep enough bowl. And cleaning the Genius Pipe is no holiday. The Honest/Path Pipe is quite easy to clean with deep grooves to hold alcohol or just run through the dishwasher.”